/e/ Camera issues

I tried 2 devices, Sony XA2 and Leeco S2, both of them have terrible camera functionality. Is there any /e/ device where the camera just works and shoots nice pictures like the stock firmware? This way i cannot recommend /e/ to anyone. I tell them /e/ is great, but the camera sucks… Or must i wait for the official /e/ phone?>


The camera across devices is in a poor shape. We are looking for a developer who can help build a solution for that. It is one of the open projects.

Maybe this will help: CameraX.

I noticed when i tap on my screen it focuses correctly…
…but when i push ‘photo’ button, it becomes blurry :laughing:

i’m not using /e/ for photos too.


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I use Leeco S2

open camera app is almost unusable with S2. I tested several cameras. With footej camera (I know it’s not compatible with the ideal of /e/, but i tested it with curiosity), i have rarely problems. Currently, I don’t have time to try to understand the difference…

Open camera on the Mi A1 can’t save photos (where in gitlab do I report that BTW) so I have been using simple camera, its better and could be a possible stopgap replacement.

Hi @television on your MiA1 are you not able to see the photos you have taken under Files >> hamburger button top left >> Images >>OpenCamera

Sorry, the app reports a error “failed to save photo” when taking photo.

Pl can you check if your storage space at eCloud is full. If there is enough space you can take a log and report an issue here