/e/ for PinePhone Brave Heart Edition?

PinePhone Brave Heart Edition will start selling tomorrow, there will be an /e/ Beta or Alpha version available for it? :smiley:

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i hope, I will get one :slight_smile:

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The PinePhone’s are definitely worth porting to /e/. Support for PinePhones is on the /e/ Roadmap. Would share timelines once I have more details.


no way to get one. pinephone store is down

I also want to buy this device but not for/ e/, but i already have 3 phones, one of them running /e/ so i waiting for some user reviews, because first revision often have problems, but this device really cool for its price, especially if you look at librem price, someone already called it librem killer.
Some info

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I just have placed an order :slight_smile: It will be my 5 phone. I have decide to buy one, because I want test linux on a phone. My test with Ubuntu Touch on a OnePlus One wasn’t good. Hope other Linux will running better than UT.

What was the problem with UT that you faced?

thats my only reason to buys this device. I wantta test Ubuntu Touch, postmarketOS, Sailfish OS, LuneOS, Replicant and fo this i dont need buy 5 different devices i only need buy this one, thats so cool, im so hyped about this, we have pinephone, we have librem (for me price is too high), maybe Linux on phones its our future.

the mot apps where only webapps. The build in webbrowser was very rare, no tabs, no way to safe login data.
Running “normal” linux apps where only working with a big setup insite a ‘linux container’.
Antbox for running android apps was very unstable and antbox doesn’t have access to hardware. So no way to get bluetooth device connected under antbox.

also i found this website https://many.tuxphones.com/ unfortunately none of mine devices cant run any Linux rom, maybe one of your can.

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thx for the link. None of my devices are on the list. I’m owning the Xiaomi 5s and 5s Plus but only 5 (without s or s plus) is supported :frowning:
But my Nexus10 is listet. It’s winter time, so I have some time left to give it a try :slight_smile:

EDIT: My bacon is also supported :slight_smile: but in the moment I#m testing Android 10 on it

@Manoj your device is supported by this Lunix :slight_smile: https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Xiaomi_Mi_A1_(xiaomi-tissot)

no – you can not use it like a real phone, because the baseband chip resp. RF communications isn’t supported on this device by postmarketos like in case of nearly all other existing phones.

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thanks for information Wasn’t knowing. So I will try it only on my N10 Tablet

Purism is actually also developing the software for the phones. Pine64 is ‘only’ developing the hardware and the software has to be done by the community. I really love what purism has achieved on the software side… a full alternative to Ubports and plasma-mobile without inventing everything new … it is simply a modified/shrinked gnome/desktop.
Please see:
Running Phosh on the PineTab:

I have nothing bad about Librem, but for example in city i live average monthly salary is 200$ - 400$, so i just wanna tell librem can be so widespeaded like pinephone, and to be honest most people will buy librem or pinephone not as their primary phone, in best version it will be secondary phone, but rest just wanna test lnux on phones like me and @harvey186, so we have choice pay for it 150$ or 700$, also pinephone has larger linux roms support, i think our choice is obvious. If librem price were 200$ maybe ill bought it, or bought 2 those devices, but for now for all these reasons my choice is pinephone.

Alpha version. Calls don’t work, etc. Only suitable for hackers.

Let’s wait a year and check again https://postmarketos.org/

Just gotten the shipment confirmation. My PinePhone is on the way to me :+1:t4::grin::+1:t4:

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you will install /e/?

please write a review

I don’t think I will use android on PinePhone. The.benefit of PinePhone is, that it should beva real linux phone

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