/e/ for Samsung Galaxy A30 (A305GT)

Hi, is there any plans on adding support for /e/OS onA305GT? This phone is about to receive the latest big update from samsung ® and may be the last update available for it. I wanted to get a more privacy-focused OS to replace it when time comes, is thereany chance of getting support for it? Saw some guys with LineageOS working on it already so I would love to see /e/ on it.

CPU: Samsung Exynos 7904
GPU: Mali-G71
OS: Android 10 Q (R coming May this year)

Note: Treble images bootloop (at least the one by the /e/ (e.GSI) on this phone. (Just like other devices for the Galaxy AX0 Series (Exp.: Galaxy A50)

Same thing for my Galaxy a30s time ago. Did you try with the latest /e/ gsi ?

We didn’t find anything else than this with “A305GT” keyword on GH:

Anyway there’s something interesting @ XDA:

They also published a “common device tree”:

Hope that helps/inspires !

But no Lineage OS build in that forum. So GSI would be the only option for /e/OS on this device (if supported by the device)

Exactly. No official Lineage for a30s. The problem with /e/ gsi is that the phone go on bootloop. Another Gsi (like Phh AOSP) works good.

Hi @LobiSfondati can you share the recovery you are using?

Twrp 3.5.1 another recovery update cause bootloop

…then why don’t start a 3ad @ XDA too to ask for an help from that community to unofficially build \e\ for your device ?

We believe that, even if you don’t reach the goal, it will still be anyway interesting both for the builders’ community and \e.
(there are very few 3ads about \e\ @XDA, IOHO)

Unofficial 1.10 by Eureka team: https://sourceforge.net/projects/eurekaroms/files/Samsung/A30/S/eOS/

Do you try this version ? It works ?