E.foundation GitLab doesn't allow registration

Hi folks, I just tried to register with e.foundation GitLab so that I could submit a bug report, but it was impossible because it requires e-mail, and it wouldn’t accept my e-mail address, which ends with posteo.net. If e.foundation wants to collect bug reports widely, GitLab shouldn’t be very selective about e-mail addresses.

This might not be the best place to report this issue, but I couldn’t find a better place…and I couldn’t use GitLab.

I’ll post my real bug report in a separate post here, until GitLab works. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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I have the same problem. It’s a common problem. As mentioned here, I contacted the support. Response (that doesn’t satisfy me) : “to be able to create a Gitlab account, please use a username@murena.io email address that you can get for free with a Murena account at https://murena.io”.

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It is not mandatory to have a murena.io email ID to access Gitlab or install /e/OS. As mentioned in the link you have also shared some email domains have been whitelisted and can be used to create am /e/OS Gitlab account.

I just had a thought: E.foundation might do well to whtie-list the e-mail domains listed in the Free Software Foundation’s page on webmail systems, whether the FSF recommends them or not. Most of these are either free-software oriented or privacy-oriented, and since /e/OS is very privacy-oriented, these would be some good services to include in a white list. The FSF’s page is here: FSF page listing webmail systems