E foundation is good but.... GOOGLE AND WHATSAPP

I like the look of the /e/ and that the some apps work but i need google play game, google pay, google meet and the function whatsapp google drive backup and that doesnt work so i am switching back to MIUI as my first system and /e/ will be used on second phine but if in future the google play games, google pay, google meet, and the aplication taht works:youtube, gmail, clasroom will gonna work i will use /e/ as my first system so i am saying /e/ bye but after fev months i will look if it is gonna work or you will can say me it is now repaired in reply on this post. Thanks and bye :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Remember: It is an unGoogled mobile OS!!! Toss Google overboard!


I know it but it has microG and youtube works perfecly so why not google play games? and google drive works too but on whatsapp it doesnt and i wrote that the gmail and clasroom and google searchengine work and Gcam too so thats why and i think the microG need repair to work with some other apps as whatsapp and google play games.BTW i like /e/ for better desing and privacy but flyme os can have playstore,privacy and working play games and whatsapp backup but i´the privacy is same as /e/ because it is in 5 most private OS were the /e/ is on 5 chart and Flyme OS on 4 but i like the /e/ desing, store and this. I really missing the perfectly working microG

but the youtube, drive, clasroom, gmail,google, chrome, works so i think it is error in microG
and what i really need is the good czechia language in tasks, appstore, browser and i think everythink in /e/ need god translate in czech language. Only my opinion:):slight_smile:

I dont go on flyme os cause i dont like their desing.So i go to MIUI bc. is good designed, works good, the aplication miui camera is perfect but dont work on /e/ and what i must pay is the soo much smaller privacy but thats the tax for MIUI aplications, good camera app, desing and the working google apps( i know the /e/ is degoogled but the microG can works better and the google apps will work with privacy too) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

A sensible decision. With such requirements, /e/ is just the wrong OS.

It doesn’t work this way.
microG can do its best to mimic Google services, and it can get better and better, but Google can always break things with changes on their side, with microG having to catch up again, if at all possible.
So, if at some point in time everything you wanted would work, it could stop working at any moment again from then on.

If you really need Google, just stay with Google.

You might want to consider using LineageOS, installing the Google Apps and services you need via Open GApps (which doesn’t work with /e/) and use Google’s device registration for the use of Google Apps and services on non-certified Android OSes, to not endanger your Google account … https://www.google.com/android/uncertified/


I will can ve without google because i have spark mail as client and is good and YouTube works and i can do The games again but that WhatsApp me because i dost have how to get my Backuped chats and in The browser The Google meet for school doesnt work so if you have something that will help me with WhatsApp chats and you have something that acces to Google meet i will ve grateful. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and i will, can ve with The loved /e/ (yes i love that idea and design).
And yes am 13 years old and from Czech
Si if you have something that will help with better Czech language i really like it

Hi @koloe and welcome. When the time comes that you no longer have to be attached to google for school or for gaming please come back and see us!

In my opinion, young people such as yourself will eventually need to make a choice between other people controlling what you see/learn and human liberty. For some, the choice becomes glaring and readily apparent- like a light blinking red in their mind! For others, it is a slow process of discovery. And yes, sadly for some the desire to “fit in” and conform is more important than even their own freedom…

But your knowledge that /e/ exists at such a young age puts you a 1000KM ahead of not only your peers, but most people and for that you should be celebrated!

So please come back and see us soon and S pozdravem! (I hope the translation is correct) :slight_smile:



Google Drive doesn’t work, but you can manually save your WhatsApp backup and place it in the right spot so on first start it restores it. Takes a few tries but I think it’s documented on the forum.

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Hello and thanks for compliment and yes i will come back to /e/ after school because i am do much time on instagram (yes i know that risk with privacy) and youtube(that works on /e/) si thats Good and games can be player from start but what scares me IS THE whatsapp na kup on Google drive and that i must wait sooo much time for to get sms and i think in some months the microG will work better and i know /e/ two years and i was have it on my old mobile before it broke an in that time i like it and before i think the Google drive na kup works do now the MicroG just need repair. And yes the translate us good:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes i know this way IS here but i am limited by time on whatsapp and i will must wait 2 days for sms and i tried it 5 Times and it doesnt work :pensive::pensive: but thak you for that you trying to help me:) :slight_smile:

And of course i will get back and have /e/ for daily usage but on (if i have so i think yes) second phone as the phone for testing that how it is with google and withnout and if the tes gonna be good i will use google operating system as second for the pasword guard an for the thing thats work only with google and i think i will have second phone in 1 year or 1 year and half. and i really feel good when you praise me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: (i hope the praise is good translate)

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Having a primary phone and a secondary phone is an excellent and thoughtful strategy @koloe- this will allow you to have the best of both worlds in the near term. Hopefully, over time as /e/ matures as a technology and your needs change, you can do much less on the Google device and much more on the /e/OS device. Perhaps one day there will be no need for the Google device at all! :smiley:

Make sure you keep sharing your advanced knowledge and foresight with others- people will notice and you will be a gift in their lives.

Also, “praise” is a good translation- “compliment” works even better! :slight_smile:

ok and yes i think i will in close future i will need google only for email and as search engine because duckduck go in czech shows as first the english results and in down it show czech results. And yes i will share my knowlegde if i have the secondary phone but i will try to recover my whatsapp chats on /e/ (yes i foud the insturctions how it will work) but i need wait some days to do it because i have problem with getting sms and if it works only think what i will need will be working modified MIUI camera app so if you know some good reply me. for this moment bye :slight_smile: :slight_smile: (i am playing minecraft )

Helo i found this on forum:in it is the dial code to activate google cloud messaging so i am thinking about that if whatsapp uses google cloud mesaging and with the code what is in the comment on that page will enble it. Will the whatsapp recognize google drive and ican recover my chats,calls etc.? Because if it gonna work then the dial code will help the people who are going from google system to /e/ :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sometimes the only way to answer a question is to answer it yourself @koloe. There is a philosophical concept called “enlightened self-interest” that maybe you have heard of: for those that haven’t, it means when we do good for others, we ultimately serve our own interests.

You have already identified the bigger issue problem: And that is how do we help users of WhatsApp transition to the /e/ eco-system? Moving people from what they are used to and familiar with to the unknown is hard work- especially if the technological tools don’t yet exist! :slight_smile:

However, if you get WhatsApp to work with MicroG and /e/ and share with the /e/ dev team what you’ve done and how you solved the problem, you will not only have fixed your own problem but also be a “hero” to those who need that functionality. The solutions you “create” may one day be incorporated into the /e/OS. And if it doesn’t currently work, perhaps communicating with the MicroG team about what you’ve done to solve the issue will help them figure out where to look so that they may be able to add this functionality.

No problem on earth is ever too large that cannot be fixed by the boundless nature of the human mind. In that sense, even if you fail in the short term with this particular goal if your work contributes to helping others feel more comfortable with making the transition to /e/, you will have helped many countless people that you will never meet IRL- And that “good” ends up rippling forever into the universe.

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Ok i will gonna try it in few days because i must wait to get sms. And if it gonna work i will do topic on it.Thanks and bye

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