/e/ + Gapps, is it working ? Don't do that ! :)


sorry, I know the title is a little bit… How can I say… stupid ? :slight_smile:
But I was just wondering if flash of /e/ rom, then flash of Gapps, was technically possible. I mean, will device work good after that ?
I won’t do that, it’s a weird attitude…
But, curiosity, you know…


:slight_smile: GAPPS on a de-googled phone!!?? Well it may not work since we have remove the google calls from the source. So GAPPS will find most of what it expects to work, missing. This is my assumption have not tried this and most probably will not test this as well.


it really makes no sense and for each g-app is a very good alternative available
So there is really no need of any spying g-app


Sadly not for apps you’re forced to use e.g. online banking apps that provide tans. The independent mTAN doesn’t work any more due to legal reasons.

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Its possible to flash Gapps, but they’re not working. Google Play doesn’t even appear on the app screen. While I understand the reason not to have Google, it doesn’t seem realistic yet. Much apps are avaliable in alternative appstores, at least some alternative apps. But especially online banking seems a big issue. I’ll downrate their app with this reason, but I don’t see a way how can I use /e/ without this restriction. Can’t have a second smartphone just for the banking app with a ROM that includes Google Play…

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I’m sorry, but if you want install any google app or service on e, you don’t have understand for what e was created.

We know, that some banking apps won’t work. But some are working out of he box and some working with this hack [HOWTO] Installing Banking Apps

There will never be a thing which will fit’s for all. If you don’t want swap from gapps to better apps or you can’t live without the baking app, you have to stay with lineageOS or any other custom rom.

Most banks are do have an alternative to pushTAN. Before I have getting my Tan2Go app running I have to use a chipTAN Generator. I think YOUR bank will also use this chipTAN way.

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I am with th3dan. The main thing I would like to install opengapps is the banking app.
I am sure that google does try hard do include all its services deep into the os to make it nearly impossible to use it without reporting back to google.

The question for me is when looking at microG and OpenGapps… isnt it possible to use the best of both woulds? Isn’t it possible to use OpenGapps when it is necessary (installing apps) and ‘simply’ disable it afterwards?

I am sure that there is a lot of work included to achieve the above asked for … but is it technically possible?

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Sorry it isn’t possible and, and often said, it makes no sense on a googlefree OS.

I think you have to decide for yourself. Do you want have a googlefree antispying OS or not. If yes, you have to use here and there a workaround and you have to leave the old good known way.

Edit: one thing: there is a difference between GAPPS or OpenGAPPS and GooglePlayService.
And microG is a replacement of GooglePlayService NOT a replacment of GAPPS or OpenGAPPS.

But some apps will need original GooglePlayServices.

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More than technical it would involve a lot of issues such as if Google TOS are being violated. Banks are also reluctant in adding their apps on non Google Play repositories.
We are working on some modifications to MicroG to make all this possible in a better more streamlined way …everything is still in the early development stage.