/e/ GSI on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge "zeroltexx" SM-G925F

The Galaxy S6 Edge is not a GSI Treble device officially supported by Samsung.

The last stockROM was Android 7.0 (Nougat) with TouchWiz UI.

The partitions had to be adapted (System 4.3 GB, Vendor 500 MB) and then
I flashed A only ARM64 Pie /e/ GSI from here.

The “zeroltexx” is started without any problems, with the /e/bootanimation up to the homescrenn.

egsi1 egsi2 egsi3

000009 000008 0007

0006 0009 0004

One problem I couldn’t solve until now: The SIM card isn’t recognized. I suspect inconsistency in /vendor. Let me see if I can find a solution.

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We have a separate GSI section where these topics should be created. That will be more helpful for users.

I know the ‘GSI section’. However, I’ve deliberately chosen the ‘user-experienec’ section to describe my first /e/GSI walks.

The Galaxy S6 Edge “zeroltexx” SM-G925F isn’t GSI Treble compliant by default. It’ll be an experimental experience.