/e/ in C't magazine: Original und Fälschung /e/: Google-freies Android mit eigenem Cloud-Dienst

I found this article in the german tech magazine C’t, it is quite a big and well known paper in german techworld
Due to copyright i can t share the whole article here …


Thank you!
Could you somehow share the whole article please?

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Hi @Chimpthepimp we cannot share the complete article on the forum as it will be a copyright violation. Readers will have to access it at the source and use online translators there.


It’s behind a paywall.

In total it is a really positive article if you ask me. There’s basically no criticism.


The heise-verlag, among other things with its c't - magazine for computer technology, has been asserting itself as a high-circulation technology publisher with well-founded articles since 1983 and is appreciated by advanced and ambitious computer users, professionals and specialists alike.

At c’t, the slogan 2 clicks for more data protection applied from about 10 years ago and was promoted by a two-stage data protection compliant solution for social media buttons (Faceb°°k, G°°gle+ and Twitter).

»According to the creators of /e/, the system has been implemented in several places adapted to own ideas and trimmed for data protection. So /e/ shall not Establish connections to Google servers, which our monitoring of outbound traffic confirmed

Stefan Porteck, c’t 2020, 10

Die Macher von /e/ haben das System nach eigenen Angaben an diversen Stellen an eigene Vorstellungen angepasst und auf Datenschutz getrimmt. So soll /e/ keine Verbindungen zu Google-Servern aufbauen, was unsere Überwachungen des ausgehenden Traffics bestätigten.


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