/e/ IRC channel?


I tried to search on the website and here on the forum but I don’t see any mention of a IRC channel, is it planned to create one on Freenode maybe ?


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Hi @daftaupe we do not have any plans to start an IRC channel for /e/ as of now. Maybe later when we have a bigger team we can plan for it.

Thanks @Manoj.

I think it would be very profitable for the project, and it’s very limited manpower to run, most of it is on Freenode shoulders’ in the case of this network.

I would like to bump this one. I don’t expect a channel where /e/ developers necessarily spend their time, but in my experience, an IRC channel is generally a great way to get support from other (power) users.

Freenode is obviously out now, but either libera.chat or oftc are simple to use and have bunches of users.

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/e/ have some telegram channels but too many discussions at the same time on the same channel is a bit chaotic…

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But having discussions on several different channels (Telegram, Forums and irc) is also chaotic IMO. I don’t want to be checking yet another communications channel


Forum and IRC/Telegram serve two very distinct roles in my opinion. Telegram and IRC are more similar, but I find IRC more informal. I think they can co-exist very well. A lot of FOSS project have IRC channels, and I do believe the majority of them have very little overhead for developers (unless they want to have overhead, that is).