Unofficial/unsupported IRC channel

I know /e/ IRC channel? was closed and there is no plan to maintain an official /e/OS IRC channel. And I realize the post was locked so that nobody can show support for IRC there :sweat_smile:.

Still, I would enjoy hanging out on IRC with other /e/OS enthusiasts. What about having an unofficial IRC channel? The topic would say “unofficial”, but still it would be good if it was created by someone from the /e/OS team (as per Channel registration | Libera Chat).

IRC is different from this forum. I won’t open a post to hangout and ask people to share their experience with me. Whereas on IRC I may enjoy an informal chat with someone using /e/OS.

Of course I could stay on #eos on Libera and hope that people join (I am there, feel free!), but it would be cool if it was referenced somewhere “officially” (as an unofficial/unsupported channel, I mean :wink: ).

I don’t think we need another channel. We have this forum, and we have the Telegram channels (Community Support, ROM Maintainers, and Testing team). The Community Support channel at least is available in Matrix

Adding another channel would just fragment the discussions. (All IMHO of course :slight_smile: )

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I’m talking about a place to hangout and share with other people. I don’t use Telegram, I won’t go there.

To me, what you are saying is a bit like a company that would say: “Employees should exclusively talk to other employees in the open space. Employees should not talk to other employees outside of the office. Practicing a sport with colleagues, or going out for a beer with colleagues is strictly forbidden, because it will just fragment the discussions”.

I kindly disagree. If I want to go for a run with colleagues, and talk about work during that time, I will do it :slight_smile:.

Anyway, maybe there are not enough IRC people in the /e/ community for that to happen, but who knows?

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