/e/ on Raspberry Pi?

Hi all in /e/! So I have a question about /e/ this morning. I’m wondering if I could compile it for Raspberry Pi 3B+? Or has someone already done it? Is it even possible to run it on the Pi? The reason I ask is that I don’t know any other way to run an Android app on the Pi without just going plain Android. And for me, that’s definitely not an option! In Raspberry Pi single-board computer thread, we see something similar to what I’m asking… But it’s not /e/. It’s pure Android…

So, could anyone build /e/ for Rpi 3B+?
I’m suggesting it and the Rpi4 as device suggestions!

Like this if you agree!


I don’t think it works. I think /e/ is written for ARM processors and the Raspberry Pi uses a 64-bit architecture.

Ah ok.
But I had thought that the Pi used a 64-bit ARM processor!
Otherwise, how could it run android apps?

This would be dope, also an Android /e/ Auto we could run on a pi build would be super cool. (You can currently run normal android auto on a pi)

Yeah, that’s right! Actually I’m using it to build a speedometer and media console in my car, so something along those lines would be great!

I would be very interested in this build of yours :wink: I have a 7" touchscreen ready for my pi to all go into my car.

Sweet! I just bought a 12.1 inch touchscreen to go in mine. I’ll install some media player that can sync with my nextcloud when I’m on wifi and can my music.

Keep me updated on this project

Yes, for sure. I’ll send you my complete eventual project build.

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I am looking for the android codename of Raspberry Pi, could anyone please tell me how to build /e/ for Rpi, I need a codename, don’t I?
One problem is that it’s not released as an android device, so I’m trying to figure out how that works…

Ok, @b3pio. I finally decided what my project consists of.

So my original project was to build a speedometer converted to digital in my auto, from a Raspberry pi and a touchscreen. I needed to get a speedometer app to display the informations on the screen. I found this LineageOS (Pie!) download for Rpi3. However I was unable to convert it to /e/, sadly.
Now I have switched to a tablet, (at least I decided to. I’m looking for one.) I’ll build /e/ for it.

The reason it’s so hard for the Rpi is that it wasn’t sold as an android device!


Keep us updated on this project!!

Why /e/ is ported to Pine devices /e/OS ports for the PineBook and PinePhone but not RPI? Is there a technical reason for that?

I think RPI and Pine devices very similar…

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There are several build for Android on Rpi. Please have a look on