Raspberry Pi single-board computer

There are several reasons to build eOS for Raspberry Pi:

  1. Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular ARM-based hardware in the world.
  2. Despite this, Raspberry Pi still suffers from a certain lack of major Android ROMs with good support and regular OTA updates, so it seems like a perfect opportunity for eOS to promote itself and attract a new audience.
  3. This can be a basis for expansion into the TV field, because it is easy to turn Raspberry Pi 4 into a 4K set-top box that will be two times cheaper than Shield TV and more powerful than old Nexus Player, supported by LineageOS community today.

What do you think of that?


This would be interesting. There is already a Pie version for Raspberry Pi or should it be Raspberry Pie?

More than that, there is a working LineageOS 16 build for Pi3, but most of these ROMs are one-man projects with no proper support or clear future. I think there’s space for something bigger.

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Let’s go, /e/!! This is what we need!
I love the idea!


Yeah, imo the pi4 is absolutely the best!!!
BTW, could anyone point me to buy them online? I really want to buy them, but I thiink that they’re only available in physical stores in England… sigh.

Their site has a list of official dealers around the world. And perhaps you’ll be also interested in the reasonably-priced aluminum case with bulid-in cooling and à la Apple look.

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Thank you so much @e.follower!!!

Here’s my build of LineageOS 16.0 for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Model B+. It is unofficial and unsupported by the LineageOS team. It’s for advanced users only.

what is an advanced user? a developer?

I don’t download files from a random posting in a forum.

In the context of the article I guess the writer means users who know how to copy -paste commands on a konsole :slight_smile: have done it in the past and will not trouble the writer with too many ‘i -am -stuck- please-help’ mails!

Random sites yes but the link was from the Raspberry Pie official site!! Though it is a wise option not to trust any unknown source.

LineageOS for Pi4 is here now, all thanks to Konsta!

If someone where to provide an /e/ build for Raspberry pi, I would definitely use it!

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