/e/ on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F (zeroltexx)

Hy Anaonyme
you guys just made my day!!!
Not just did I get a response to my problem, but got a easy solution as well.
After a week of downloading and trying custom roms ( with varying success) I tried the
link to the e-0.7-n- download and installed e-rom.
This is all I would have dared to dream of. The rom is great and and I am a happy chappy.
There is just one thing, about my phone, even e-rom did not fix.
When I make a call, the other party gets a echo of there spoken words. On my side, the call
quality is great. I tried cleaning mic holes, recording a voice massage on the voice recorder (works just fine), running phone in save mode and tapping on the mic holes to hear that they are ok. The only way I found to get good call quality on the other end is using plug in ear phones ( with mic). At XDA- developers is a post with the suggestion to change the code in the call software. I would probably try that as a last resort, but needed to learn how to navigate the software system first. The thing is that the noise suppression software in Android might cause these echos. This software is a enhancement but, in some cases, causes trouble and one would be better of without it. I found people who wrote that one can turn off noise suppression in the call settings of Android. Unfortunately I can’t find this setting. Can it be that it was there in older versions and not anymore in the newer ones ? Or is it maybe somewhere
else and I’m just not locking in the right places ? Why would this function not be in the newer distributions ?
Any suggestions anybody ?

Hello !

I flashed an unofficial updated (2020.09.26) Oreo build for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, thanks to @itsclarence who kindly updated it.

After a day of testing, here’s are the results. The main good news is that it is not affected by the “Reboot when locking” problem which plagued most builds after e-0.7-n-2020021541379. It is not yet perfect, but is, to me, a progress compared to Nougat.

I flashed the build using ADB. The flashing process completed to 100% on TWRP, but showed a progression at 47% on the computer screen, even though the flashing was completed on TWRP. This did not seem to affect the quality of the flashing.

What works

• The phone boots normally, no bootloop, no restarting when locking it.
• The SIM card is detected and I am prompted to enter its PIN.
• The Bliss launcher works, the main screen has visible icons, no crashes.
Wifi works, I can add/remove wifi connexions.
Bluetooth works. It didn’t work on Nougat, so that’s a big plus for me.
Mobile data works.
Messages : I can send and receive SMS.
/e/ account : I added my username@e.email account successfully.
Weather app is working fine
Browser works too.
/e/ App store works
Music app works

What does not work

Camera : I can take pictures with front and back camera, I can take videos with the front (selfie) camera, however the app crashes when I try to start a video with the back camera.
Phone : I can make and get phone calls. The person I speak to can still hear an echo of their voice, which was already happening on Nougat. I solve this problem by using headphones.
/e/ Notes : Notes do not sync with the username@e.email account. It displays Synchronisation failed, server connection is broken.
/e/ Mail : /e/ I can receive emails, but the app crashes when I try to type the recipient address.
eSpeak : I get a notification that eSpeak has stopped, usually after a camera crash. No idea what it means. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can tell me.


Compared to Nougat, on which it was most of the time impossible to install apps, the /e/ App store runs smoothly.
Some /e/ apps (mail and notes) do not work properly, but it is not a problem to me since I do not use them.
The camera app crashing when using it to capture a video is indeed a problem. It can be solved easily by installing the Open Camera app on F-Droid, which runs smoothly.

Do not hesitate to let me know if I forgot something important. If you want to test it, be sure to make a backup first. The build can be downloaded here : https://ecloud.global/s/627roJggCMLQYDa


Important : During my testing, I forgot to try to encrypt the phone. After attempting it, it results in a bootloop. It can be fixed with a clean flash, the phone is now back to normal.

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@itsclarence made a new eOS-Q-build for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (zeroltexx), which I have tested. Everything works really well, except :

  • the camera app mostly works, but crashes when trying to record video with the back camera, which can be easily fixed by using another camera app, such as for example FreeDCam.
  • There’s still an echo in call, but with @itsclarence advice, I was able to fix it, and now the calls are normal. See linked post for the fix explanation. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance.