/e/ OS 9-Pie for Samsung Galaxy S9+ "star2lte" SM-G965F F/DS N

e.foundation offers the first-class Samsung Galaxy S9+ “star2lte” as premium refurbished deGoogled /e/ phone with Or/e/o 8.1.0 /e/ for star2lte dev (oreo)

Released 2018, March with stockROM Android 8.0.0, the “star2lte” was upgraded to Android 9.0. Meanwhile five Android 10 firmwares are available, of which the last two versions March 2020 Update and the April 2020 Security Update can no longer be downgraded to stockROM Android 9.0. Samsung is continuously expanding its security features and increasingly restricts changes to the operating system.

The LineageOS Project (LineageOS Android Distribution) had stopped support with LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8-Oreo), but reactivated it in 2020 with LineageOS 17t.1 (Android 10).

It’s getting harder and harder to buy /e/ OS-compatible S9+ hardware every month because the market mechanism is pushing towards Android 10 and /e/ OS 8.1.0 Oero has compatibility problems with it.

With an unofficial build minimal eOS pie à la @harvey186 we could work against this and make it easier for all /e/ friends who are interested in a Galaxy S9+ to get started with the /e/cosystem.

The interest in /e/ OS 9 pie and Galaxy S9+ “star2lte” is great, and /e/ needs the support of lucky and knowledgeable /e/xperts.

Therefore my request and call for participation in the project "/e/ OS 9-Pie for Samsung Galaxy S9+ “star2lte” SM-G965F F/DS ".

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:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service in the area of the Munich (MVV) upon consultation
:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service by DHL HERMES mail order (Bavaria, Germany, European Union (EU)
:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service by DHL mail order (European non-EU state;)
:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service by DHL International other target regions on request.
:pushpin:: First contact please by PM emessage Primary supported devices: Samsung (all) + LG G3 / G5

Having just bought a S9+ with a preinstalled stock Android 10 firmware with a recent Security update, I can only support @archje’s suggestion.

This prevented me from installing /e/ OS, as this Security Update forbids downgrading to previous Android versions.

As a result, I could not install /e/ OS as intended, but instead was able to install LineageOS 17.1.

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