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A few month ago ( april 2023 ) i asked for the application com.stid.stidmobileid

Link on google play to get the id of the application : com.stid.stidmobileid…

as shown on the capture,

But no way since last april to have it added to the /e/OS app store.

@Manoj @rhunault , How can we have this app added to the store, effectively ?

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‘Apps’ has turned into ‘App Lounge’ for over a year now, where you can easily find all the apps and no longer have to make requests.
So I suppose you still have an old version of /e/OS on your device?

Yes i have an old version of eOS…with App…

Where can i find App lounge ?

I just checked. It is there. Once you have the latest eOS it should work.
I guess you cannot install App Lounge as standalone apk.

Yes, you can :


Then it 's best to update to the newest /e/OS if possible.
Which device do you use?

Thank you @tyxo for your check :wink:
And thanks to @MRTN i will try app lounge.

I’m not sure my old eOS v0.19 A5Y17, with /e/ i’ ve installed early 2018 will support app lounge…

Thank you at you @tyxo @MRTN for your time and help…

I’ve just tried install app lounge and it doesn’t work, returned to app as explain by uninstalling update.

I will have to upgrade eOS as explain here in this post…

Are you thinking that there would still be an issue with upgrading ? … now to Android 11 (R) https://images.ecloud.global/dev/a5y17lte/. I see that the Upgrade page, https://doc.e.foundation/devices/a5y17lte/upgrade, still includes a link to the Stock ROM,.

Ok thank you for this link and infos,
I have to check all these informations, and have time to give it a chance to upgrade… :wink:

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