e/OS Drive / Cloud is full

I’ve just set up my second phone on e/OS. Now I get an Android notification that my e/OS Cloud is full. 99 percent used. That’s great. I don’t USE the e/OS cloud but I guess it’s triggered by the continuous back ups that are almost daily running.

I don’t need that either since I make my own backups. Therefore 2 questions:

How to turn off Seedvault and how to clear its data and after which APK should I freeze using Titanium Backup?

How to clear my e/OS cloudspace in order to use it for something else?

Appreciate your replies!

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  1. I remember your Seedvault thread … I could give you an adb command to disable or you can use something as the “Activity Launcher” to get at Seedvault → .settings.SettingsActivity and flip the Backup switch to off. Then look with Files at the now obsolete backup target folder that carries a “.SeedVaultAndroidBackup” Folder and delete this one

  2. make a backup of the device data or dissociate the murena account first from the device before you do deletions at the cloud end - they will backsync with eDrive. Dissociation and then just delete + trashfolder emptying will make it free

Okay, will try that in a few days (carnaval right now). But how can my cloud be full so quickly? No one else has this? Using 2 devices for just couple of months?

if you access the web version it should show per-folder sizes, maybe this will give a hint. It will include the trash folder too

So what I did is as follows: I went to SeedVault on my 1st device (OnePlus 7pro, running /e/OS since 4/5 months or so) and checked the “backup location”. Strange enough this was already “internal storage”. I’ve switched off “backup my apps”. “Backup my files” was already switched off.

After that I’ve checked the settings of my new device (OnePlus 9, /e/OS installed since 2 months but not actually in use, although it does have wifi enabled at home). In the OnePlus 9 I’ve noticed that back up was completely switched off.

Then I went to my Murena account (via Windows PC) and checked my cloud. There I found around 9 folders that also appear in my Android root (like fotos, videos, ringtones etc.) and 2 root directories linked to both devices.

I’ve found almost al folders to be empty (as I do also not use those on my devices), except for PHOTOS. That folder holded 1GB of data. So I just deleted that folder. Strangely enough, I cannot remember switching on photo-syncronisation (which I just do not and never did use). So I hope from now things will stay like they are.

Last question: I guess that the cloud synchronisation does NOT interfere with settings in the Murana account - with that I mean if backupping is switched off I guess my contacts and agenda will still sync - although I cannot find where that data is stored on my Murena-cloud?