/e/OS for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G?

does anybody have the OS for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G Version?
Or is there any plan to support it?

Thank you for your support…

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Hello @sunshineh

What is the device codename ?

Do you mean the modelname?
It is

Not model name but device codename

(x1s) is already R based supported : [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung S20 Exynos e0.23

(y2s) is already R based supported : [Unofficial Build] Samsung S20+ (y2s) Exynos v1.3 R

(z3s) should be

your (r8q) seems not supported by custom OS, (USA qualcom chipset)

(r8s) should be

OK, sorry.
SM-G781B / DS

Oh, is anybody working on an version for an SM-G781B /DS with r8q USA qualcom chipset? Or is there any possiblity that this version is coming out during the next 2 weeks?
When I put this /e/OS on my Smartphone is there a possiblity to put the original OS on my device so that I don’t loos my garantee?

US Qualcomm variants don’t allow for bootloader unlocking, so don’t expect /e/ (or any other custom ROM for that matter) anytime soon, or ever.

You can flash back stock OS, but you already lose warranty by unlocking the bootloader (provided you can) and tripping Knox, Samsung is like that unfortunately.

Hi @Manoj, it’s a plan for your team to support this smartphone ?

If we get a dedicated ROM Maintainer or if LineageOS officially support it, then it gets on the /e/OS support list. Exceptions are devices which we sell or have many user requests.

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Could you send me also the link for r8s SM-G780F please?
I couldn’t find it.