/e/OS on OPPO A77 5G


I’d like to use /e/OS on a OPPO A77 5G.
When I look at the supported devices I can’t see any OPPO phone, and when I click on Can’t find your smartphone or laptop? Check this list for devices we plan to introduce and existing ones we plan to upgrade I just see a list for smartphones developed in 2021. Does it mean that there is no new supported device since 2021 ?

Is there a real possibility to find a /e/OS version for the OPPO A77 5G pretty soon ?
And if not, is there an alternative for using this phone without Google ?

Thank you !

Well, seems too early for this device (there still isn’t a specific section even on XDA), anyway we suggest to start by “doxing” it:

It’s a Mediatek MT6833P/Mali-G57 SoC-based device, so the fastest way is to try GSI:

Hope that helps !

OPPO A77 5G was released in 2022, June 10 and came with Android 12, ColorOS 12.1 (19.1 / 12.1 / S). Among other things, this means that the files system_(a/b), vendor_(a/b), product_(a/b) are combined in a dynamic (super) partition aka super.img. Furthermore the FastBootD mode is required. The cited instructions from Aug 08, 2020 do not take this circumstance into account.

Last but not least: The /e/OS ‘Q’ V1.13 GSI (Android 10 - 17.1 / 10.0 / Q) does not correspond with a bootloader based on Android 12 (19.1 / 12.1 / S). An installation as suggested will inevitably end in a bootloop.

OK, thank you both !
I think I’ll just wait for an “official” /e/OS version :sweat_smile:

Thanks again

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