[HOWTO] install eOS GSI on a Treble device - new GSI added June 14th

Using the example of a MiMax3 mobile phone I want to explain the installation of a GSI. It is important to choose the right version. The Mi Max3 needs an arm64 a-only version. Which version has to be used can be found out with the app treble checker.
This guide does not have to work with every mobile phone. Therefore I do not guarantee that it works and does not break. As always: You should have a Stock Rom and be prepared for a complete reinstallation.
Let’s go:

  1. Download these files and save them to a folder
    a) with root and device encyption -> e-pie-2020xxx-UNOFFICIAL-treble_arm64_aeN.img from here https://ecloud.global/s/GEf5AXcP4wcCnFz
    b) without root and enryption -> system.img from here https://ecloud.global/s/Yk8dp6fQiSMgEL2
    c) vbmeta.img from here -> https://ecloud.global/s/5NAgkPKzmyCsGsB
    d) TWRP from here -> https://twrp.me

  2. When everything is downloaded, unpack the system.zip

  3. Boot your phone into bootloader (volume down + power key)

  4. Start Terminal in the folder with all files

  5. fastboot oem ignore_anti

  6. fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img (use the twrp for your device from https://twrp.me)

  7. reboot in recovery

  8. Use TWRP wipe menu to FORMAT data (bottom right side) … don’t use ‘wipe’ from ‘Advanced wipe’, format the data THIS IS IMPORTANT !!

  9. reboot bootloader

  10. fastboot erase system

  11. fastboot flash system system.img
    or fastboot flash system e-pie-2020xxx-UNOFFICIAL-treble_arm64_aeN.img

  12. fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
    If point 12. running into an error. go ahead with point 13. point 12 is not always needed

  13. fastboot reboot

After what feels like an eternity, eOS should start

EDIT: new eOS Android 10 GSI are found here. I only will build Q-GSI in future !!!


Are those link ok for a pixel 3a ?

THe only time I did it for my Moto E was with someone holding my hand LOL

Failing on the MOTO e (80$ canadian) I was ok LOL

But with a 300$ Canadian Pixel 3a, I want to avoid to damage it

Tks to all

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GSI is a GENERIC system image. One fit’s all :slight_smile:

but the layout is important.
a or a/b
arm or arm64

if a or a/b is Chinese to me, I think I will wait for someone who did it on a pixel 3a to not damage the phone… Will use the built in OS until I have some clear steps of what do download, etc etc

But tks a lot @harvey186 for pointing me in the right direction…

I am moving forward LOL

  1. IOS all my life
  2. tested /e/ 1 month and I love it (tested it on a cheap 80$ phone to be sure I like it)
  3. now Buying a good phone
  4. will install /e/ when possible on that phone I’m buying today but will use android or grapheneOS for now, whichever is accessible to me LOL (my skills)

used afforable OnePLus phone are difficult to find in Quebec…

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G°°gle Pixel 3a = CPU Architecture 64-bit ARM & A/B System

The e-pie-trble-images were created two months ago.

This Treble GSI installation can be classified as custom ROM, right?


Absolute ‘NO’. It’s complete eOS. No customs

Okay, thanks. Since I haven’t even seen a homescreen of /e/ OS GSI and since yesterday I know that “If there are changes in the ROM - even minor it is not an /e/ROM it becomes a Custom ROM.” - so I asked myself this question.

I could install /e/ OS GSI on a Galaxy S9 But I feel like @yoda67 right now. At the moment the thought of a GSI first installation attempt on an almost brand new S9 makes me feel uncomfortable.And I still have to answer the questions about the “how to proceed with the /e/ OS GSI ROM”.

Just for fun, install /e/ OS GSI? Maybe once in a reckless hour …

ok (trying not to ask dumb questions) so it mean that if i don’t mess it up, install the /e/ OS GSI, and my Pixel 3a stills work, can hope to get maintenance update, security patch etc ? From /e/ or who ? OTA ?

I would me I would buy in the next 2 hours my Pixel 3a that seems a very good phone

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@harvey186, will certainly help you if you ask here.

e.foundation has official GSI on to do list. But to do list is long. The GSI in main GSI post are from an official e.foundation dev. But these GSI do have buildin automatic encryption (I hate that) and root. So they are custom GSI. Mine is pure eOS without default encryption and without root (i don’t want root). I’m running the GSI on my daily driver. So I would build new from time to time.


ok going to buy my Pixel 3a

So one of the link you sent me I will be able to install a GSI build ?

Will it be like your’s, not encrypted ?

oufff We’re almost there…

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custom ROM :: custom GSI ???

[Pie][2020/04/15] /e/ unofficial rom GSI
By Phie

[GSI][9][Reference] LineageOS 16.0 GSI (all archs) and how to build them
By AndyYan

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Yes, you can try this from first post. As I have written, my device was shown as a/b device, but a-only was working.

If your device won’t boot with the a-only GSI you can start over with a/b GSI from this post GSI for not yet supported treble phones [2020/04/15]
But these are all default encryption and root


Isn’t this supposed to work only for treble supported devices? Do I understand correctly it also works for other devices?

It’s only for treble supported devices. But there are hacks for some ‘old’ devices to get them treble enabled. For example my MI5s Plus natrium is normally no treble device. But on XDA is a thread to make it treble enable. Now it is running with a Havoc Android 10 GSI :slight_smile:


New build without root and encryption from June 14the https://ecloud.global/s/L7L6ZeQkFRBN5zb


Is this also a so-called minimal version like…

…or is the range of functions only to be explored after installation?

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You are knowing, I’m not using the default apps. So I can’t say for sure. But for me, it looks that all e-apps are available

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No, I certainly can’t, because you build ROMs like on the assembly line, e.g. minimal Version, custum ROM, custom GSI, unofficial ROM - and they are very different.

Your software craftsmanship is fantastic, but the accompanying explanations are often not accessible to me at first sight.

Yes, the home screen looks very familiar. But even now, I don’t understand why you can’t clearly say that all e-Apps are available or not, because - you’ve given your ROM build host machine the appropriate instructions about which files to implement.

From your “mouth” I know that building ROM requires not only skill but also luck. But even a lucky guy has to give the right machine commands to make it a successful /e/ OS GSI / ROM.


because it’S not my build script. It’s the build script from e-developer. As far as I can see with my limited knowledge, there are all e-apps included. But when I’m not sure, than I’m writing that I’m not sure.

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