/e/OS ports for the PineBook and PinePhone


What about ask for help?

I’m sure some folks in the forum would have some skills that could help in some way. Or maybe just testing.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: users are always welcome to approach us if they have good development skills… some have sent in their cv’s in the past . We do have a number of project and open positions which I keep posting on the forum. For Testing we have a team of volunteers who responded after this was posted.
It there are more users who want to help they are always welcome


Nice @Manoj
I haven’t seen the “Volunteer…” post.
I just submited my resume. Maybe I can be of some assistance.


My resume in pdf format was refused by the mail server! :neutral_face:
Awkward but…I sent it in plain text anyway.

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Thanks @facb69 for offering to help


Need volunteers to test Pinebook and olimex builds

Is there a build for the PinePhone somewhere, even unstable?

Sorry, can’t help with that but I’ll be able to do some test with PinePhone when available

For your information, from Manoj on the Telegram support channel :

Pinephone porting got delayed due to the lockdown…developer did not get his phone :frowning: We will be starting the porting activity soon.

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  1. @Manoj What device is the Olimex precisely?
  2. @all : suggestion to all email Olimex and Pinebook to ask if they sell the devices with /e/ pre-installed :). Will help them know that many of us love /e/ and would love to say it on their devices! I just sent Pine64 this:


Dear Pine64,

is the pinebook and/or the pinebook pro available with /e/ pre-installed?



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It is a laptop.
Also /e/OS builds are already available in beta for Olimex and Pinebook

Now THAT is a really cool project! I just love your ingenouisty in the /e/ dev team! Keep up this awesome work!

I’ve got a PinePhone and have tried about 8 different Linux distros for it that various people are working on - you do just burn the image to a micro sd card, everything runs from that (so be sure to use a modern fast sd card). None of them offer any decent performance or UX though, Ubuntu Touch isn’t the standard OS, it comes with none installed (unless you get the new UB Ports edition), it’s the best of a bad bunch though. (mainline) Linux isn’t really ready for running on a mobile yet, it’s early days, this is just the start.

LineageOS or /e/ might actually make it of some use, as it stands it’s a good paperweight.

Good. Do you know where we can follow the porting activity?
Pinetab will be in pre-order before the end of the month.
It will be cool to be able to boot it with /e/ too. I guess as it is quiet similar to Pinephone it would not be so difficult to port this one too, no?

The Pinephone porting has not started as yet. First of all the phone got delayed thanks to covid-19 and never reached the developer. Second due to the delay he got assigned on some other task :frowning:
We are looking at starting the porting soon. Once the process starts there will an update on the progress here on the forum .


There is a new Pinephone coming with 3 GB of ram. Is there any progress on porting to the Pinephone. I would be very interested in the Pinephone of the port was available.

The pinephone port will be delayed. Initial tests were not very encouraging. The developers reported a sluggish UI. Given the lack of mainstream apps running on these devices the chances of an active user base is further reduced. Work on porting Pie to the Pinephone is definitely stopped as there were issues with the partitions as well to further complicate matters. The porting activity will resume once we have a working Q code base of /e/. That may be towards end of this year as again the priority will be devices already planned for migration to Q

Thank you for the information and quick response. What apps are currently running on /e/ and what apps are expected to work once Q is ready.

Given the fact /e/'s whole USP is to remove mainstream apps and replace them will their own I find this a worrying line of argument. Of course Pinephone doesn’t have mainstream apps, it’s a hardware device. If it had an android port, even a sluggish one we could test with, then we could run some mainstream apps!

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Can a phone with /e/ os works in USA? I have a female friend who might can use one.