/e/OS ports for the PineBook and PinePhone

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Hi…there is a notice of not delivering the PinePhone until there is an OS prepared for it. I ask, why hang tight for that? Why not sell it with an admonition of no OS is prepared, if that is the situation when the telephone is prepared for conveyance?

I am certain numerous nerds (counting me) couldn’t imagine anything better than to get their hands on it regardless of whether an OS isn’t prepared. It might even urge some to make their own.

You can order a PinePhone via pine64.com. Numerous Linux Distributions (UBports, postmarketOS, Manjaro and more) run on it.

As far as I’m aware there’s no Android ROM available yet. And I’m sure the /e/ team has other plans than pioneering Android on a niche device. This isn’t just porting a ROM to a phone. This is a device without readily available drivers for Android.

This device is experimental and still in early days and shouldn’t be considered ready for day to day usage (we’re slowly getting there, tho).

To follow the progress and discussion visit pine64.org.

Also check out the Purism Librem 5 if you’re interested in such devices. Also doesn’t run Android.

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Hello, any news on the /e/OS port for Pinephone and Pinetab?
We are not so far from the end of the year. Would it be possible to have an update on the situation?

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No progress on the Pinephone or Pinetab. No team members have been assigned to work on these devices. The focus for now is on devices with a wider user base. Also the feedback we got from some of the users trying out these devices was not exactly encouraging - those trying out other OS’s said the response was slow.

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I understand but it’s sad.

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Well, apparently there is an Android ROM available for Pinephone, for some month already : https://github.com/GloDroid/glodroid_manifest

I hope that will help to see /e/ coming on Pinephone.

A great news also to notice is that the PinePhone’s modem runs kernel 5.10 now. To know more about it, please read the news in here https://www.pine64.org/2021/01/15/january-update-happy-new-gear/