Newbie here, is /e/ ready for the USA marketplace?

I am a Linux Mint user for several years, currently using Mint 19.3 Cinnamon on my laptop…

In the Mint family, there is a Software Manager that we can search for Apps to install… I have been browsing this forum and so far, have not run across the equivalent other than mention of Aurora …

Searching for “Aurora” just led me to building up something. I am not interesting in programming period. I just want to have a cellphone that is free of Google and running a familiar OS like Android that I have been using for nearly 15 years…

I have two Samsung Galaxy S5 phones as spares, I am using a Note8 as my personal phone, and I ordered yesterday an Galaxy S10e for my daughter because her S5 is locking up, requiring the battery be removed.

So, I thought I would practice using /e/ on the S5, or maybe just buy a ready to go /e/ phone… we use Verizon as our carrier which is CDMA.

Is the current /e/ OS compatible with CDMA and will it register with my current VZW Simcard on their service?

If I get good enough at /e/, then my son who is super Paranoid about being tracked by Apple or google, he would like to have a /e/ phone…

but first, I need to get my feet wet, and find out where to find the apps that we need, or the equivalent to the Play Store apps we now use…

I am a bit familiar with F-Droid having downloaded a couple of apps from there and installed the APK successfully.

I’m in Northeastern Oklahoma, so hence the username.

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Hi and welcome to /e/.

The only thing I can help you with:
/e/ comes with its own app store.

Many of us also use Aurora, which
is also very simple to install and use

Welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

In /e/, there is an Apps Installer. But all apps aren’t in there si Aurora Store (tuto here) is a good option if you don’t finc what you want in the /e/ Apps installer.

You have to carefully check if your phone model is compatible with /e/. All S5 aren’t the same for instance.
Go into the list of officially supported devices :
Click on the phone you are interested in and scroll down to “Supported Models”. Check if yours is in the list.

Thanks for the information.
I just finished installing F-Droid on my cellphone, Note8, and then located Aurora Store and installed that app.

Pleased to see that what I am accustomed to seeing is still available.

So, now my remaining question is, will /e/ communicate with our USA wireless carriers, like Verizon which is my family’s carrier.

Hoping someone in the USA is using /e/ and will pop in here. :smiley:

Take care of the phone model variants
Most of the multiple S5 variants are well supported, it is not the case of the S7, or S9 ( AT V U are not supported ).
Note 8 seems to be not officially supported

Hi @OkieLand, I am a Verizon user in California and I am using /e/ on my device. One of my customers asked me to install /e/ on his phone and I liked it so much I installed this ROM on my personal Moto G7.

The phone I have is currently an unofficial build but I am happy to say the developers are going to make this model, the Motorola Moto G7 (XT1962-1) official in this third quarter. There are many phones out there, but I like the Motorola models and this particular device is going to get regular OTA (Over the Air) updates. I am very excited.

So, Yes! This service is already in USA and growing. Contact me if you have any questions.


I’m using /e/ in the USA also on Verizon on a Moto G7, Works perfectly fine…Full disclosure. I am pmoody’s customer he mentioned in his post, If you are considering a new phone with /e/ preinstalled, i would highly recommend a Moto G7 from pmoody.

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tnx a lot for That.
looked at the devices, and a Verizon S5 is not on the list.

but, I do have two Note4 phones.
one is rooted on 4.4.4 and the other is VZW stock condition.
I had to quit using them when the apps were updated beyond the capabilities of 4.4.4

If I were to ship you one of the Note4 phones, which would be the best to go with? the rooted phone already has TWRP on it.

I have never rooted or played with doing that, afraid to brick them.

I noted that the email server was down while reading about it.
Didn’t really care, as I won’t be using any of that anyway.
Still debating on getting into /e/ but I do like the idea.
I feel like it along the same lines as I have done with MicroSloth, and went to Linux Mint several years ago.

so accustomed to my Linux apps, that when I have to use my old Win7 Desktop, that it feels like something is missing… Especially when I want to do a simple Screenshot of a selected area… the Screenshot app in Linux gives me 3 options,

  1. whole page
  2. current window
  3. selected area which is my preference 99% of the time now.

One thing I really like about this website, is the email cross linking, I can see the original posts before someone decides that the material is not suitable for my eyes… that is NOT a good thing… I read the email text first, then came here to write up my post…

thanks to Every One who has written replies, greatly helps me ponder on this topic.

While I’m all sympathetic towards Linux, you could have done this with Windows 7 easily all along …

  1. Print
  2. Alt + Print

(And for Windows 10 users following the link now … with Windows 10 just try Win + Shift + S :wink: )

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I know about that feature, just tired of MicroSloth and it foibles.

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@OkieLand I was pleasantly surprised to see someone else in Oklahoma actively using Linux and interested in checking the surveillance state. I too use Linux as my daily driver and use /e/ on my one plus 6t and it works great. I am on att in Oklahoma city which doesn’t answer your one main question but I believe it was answered earlier. Good luck and please keep us briefed as to the results.

I sent you a personal message to respond to your questions.

Yup, I’m an Okie “Not from Muskogee” :laughing:

I am retired now 12 years and living in the rip roaring town of Oologah, OK where Will Rogers was born… his home is just 3.5 miles from me by road, about 2.5 miles as the crow flies.

I am using Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon on my daily driver laptop.
I have 18.3 Cinnamon on an older laptop that performs very well, just does not have 5g WiFi :frowning:

I just installed Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon on a spare laptop to try it out, never do that with my Daily Driver, that always ends up with a big mess, and me very disgruntled. :roll_eyes:

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