/e/ OS 'Q' alpha builds are coming!

would still very much like to try out a Samsung S9 Q build since I can’t get anything older to run.
looking forward to seeing it in the list

Hi @tve I think I owe you an apology… my response came out all wrong. I intended to share the link you have provided above to the Q builds failing with the build team but never got around to it…mainly because we had some other issues we got pulled into. Anyway will pass it on to them when they are back in office tomorrow and have them contact you if any further details are required

NP & thanks Manoj, it happens…

We are still debugging the reason for the ‘Q’ builds failing. Possibly a build script issue. Will update once the builds are running and update the links in the table above.


The /e/ ‘Q’ Test builds have been updated in the table above…pl download ,test and share your feedback on this thread.

Dammit, the same day Fairphone released another beta for their FP2. I wish I had more time to test different systems in parallel :laughing:


Oh sad, goolag calls are still available :frowning: see 2 last lines in screenshot

tested on OnePlus3

My Q-versions are looking better :rofl:


These are alpha test builds …first want to check if they at the least boot with /e/ code. Next step we will de -google and release the beta version. Right now need some users to confirm the builds boot.

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my Q-rom for bacon works fine on 2 different devices and has no goolag calls. It’s your alpha code, so what are you doing wrong ??

I have shared the screenshot you sent to the team …let them have a look and fix it.

Check Bliss launcher permissions. My GSI with Bliss Launcher won’t also not boot. Without Bliss, they are booting fine

Hmm that is weird…will pass it on.

08-18 13:57:09.832 3437 3437 E System : java.lang.IllegalStateException: Signature|privileged permissions not in privapp-permissions whitelist: {foundation.e.blisslauncher: android.permission.BIND_APPWIDGET, foundation.e.blisslauncher: android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS, foundation.e.blisslauncher: android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS}

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Confirm successful install on Oneplus3T. Looks fine, but not done much yet!


Seems to boot and run well on a FP2.


It works well on one plus six.


Seems to boot (and work, didn’t do a lot of testing) fine on FP2 and it seems, that finally this bug is gone now: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/1510

eRecovery is working too.


Mail notifications are not happening at the moment. Others also mention this on pie builds here

Tried various settings in the app but no luck so far.

This looks like an issue with the latest builds across all OS versions and is being tracked here

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Pl check if the device is already mentioned in the requests for a device. If not create a new one and share details of the official LOS builds. If th LOS build is working well on your device pl do let us know. If there are a large number of users requesting the device we can add it to our list. for support /upgrade.
I have been using a SM G930U heroqlteue for the last couple of days as my daily driver. We had initially hoped to port this device until we realized it would not work with /e/ OS code. So now it is running stock Samsung ROM. It is a US model. 5’ screen , well built , easy to use with one hand…it is really a shame manufacturers are jumping on to larger screens.
Any way the /e/ idea is to support devices as long as it is possible. One issue would be the lack of vendor security patches. Hopefully we will be able to pull along some of these so-called old devices for some more time.