Email app without notifications after Update

Above is the Version i updated to.
Since then im not getting notifications for new Mails anymore.
Below that is the Test build which i came from.

Other Standard Apps are working with notifications e.g. the Calender.

Device: dumpling

That’s true. Same on my FP3.

Same on oneplus3T running the Q alpha build. Mail arrives but notifications completely absent. Tried changing various settings in the app, but no change yet.

I did notice in settings>account settings>notifications : the “Blink led” option is unchecked. This was the same for me on the pie test builds where I was getting notifications but no blinking led.

Please add your comments and logs where possible to this gitlab issue

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I tried to configure a workaround using another mail app. Not easy, because this is what I need:

  • no trackers, no routing over own servers, no advertizing banners
  • multiple user defined mail accounts
  • IMAP push messages and proper immediate notifications
  • sending plain text messages, not HTML.

I would indeed pay for that, but there seem to be only a few.

Fairmail makes a good impression and seems to work very well but sends only HTML messages. Sorry, I know system administrators who put HMTL messages directly into the spam folder. Fairmail has a clone, SimpleMail, but it’s the same there: only HTML.

LibreMail can’t receive push messages (or I wasn’t able to configure this).

ProtonMail needs a Proton hosted mail account. This is a start condition (perhaps you can still have some others).

K-9 is often called. The first thing one must know is: there seem to be multiple versions of K-9. The one in Apps is different from the one in F-Droid. Didn’t check version numbers until now but the K-9 from Apps can’t receive push messages at all. It doesn’t even ask when I configure a mail account and later, when I want to setup it afterwards, there’s the entire option page missing. You can configure to synchronize never but you can’t switch on any push mechanism.

OK. I tried also the K-9 from F-Droid which is different. Indeed I could setup push messages correctly and it did even work in all my three mail accounts. Everthing was fine, the result was so good that I disabled receiving push messages in the ordinary Mail app (which doesn’t notify anymore).

But then, after an hour or so, K-9 crashed somehow, it just disappeared from the screen. When I opened it again it was exactly like the K-9 from Apps. No push options anymore and the synchronization has been set by witchcraft to 15min in all three mail accounts. And indeed it doesn’t receive push messages anymore. Damned.

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This issue seems to be resolved with the current build, im getting notification popups

(Despite the fact that the small notification symbols dont work anymore, but independent from the mail app. For this see the seperate issue Status bar issue)

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