/e/OS update @Galaxy S10 installation aborted

I use /e/OS 1.3 on a Galaxy S10 and wanted to update to /e/OS 1.4 or better 1.5.
After choosing settings/systemupdates/e/OS 1.4 the update started and later the smartphone restarted. After reboot the recovery mode opens with the following error messages :

E: Could not find instance ‘default’ in library android.hardware.health@2.0-impl-default.so. Keeping library open.
E: Error opening trace file: no such file or directory (2)
Supported API: 3
Finding update package…
Verifying update package…
E: failed to verifying whole-file signature
Update package verification took 2.3 s (result 1).
E: Signature verification failed
E: Error: 21
Installation aborted.

After then restarted the phone with /e/OS 1.3

What can I do or what the best way to get recent /e/OS updates?

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Hello @Estef

Do you use q ? r ? s ? /e/OS flavour
Do you use recovery-e or TWRP ?

Your error rang a bell.


In this thread it seems that the error might be is likely associated with an Android version mismatch.

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Thanks very much for your answers. I’ve solved the problem. The solution was a recovery update/replace at -->settings -->system updates -->preferences :