Samsung Tab S5e - update failed

Would like to update from 1.1 to 1.2. It boots to recovery (it is a Lineage Recovery 19.1) but fails there:

Error: couldn’t find instance default in library android.hardware.health¹2.0-impl–

Error opening trace file

Error signature verification failed
error 21
Installation aborted

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As you had no reply, the thing to jump out at me (only that I never seen before) is the superscript ‘1’ against

In your place I think I would double check then

Footnote, FYI Android Health

Edit I was initially thinking that code cannot pick up the significance of the superscript.

Later I searched for

and found this but it is a different error! is about an Android OS version mismatch, edited in light of next post.

Even though the source code of /e/OS is derived from the Lineage Android distribution, this does not automatically mean that a Lineage Recovery 19.1 will harmonize with a /e/OS R / 18.1 / 11 ROM.

OTA-Update /e/OS R / 11 / 18.1 ( Image-show )

I just successfully completed an OTA update from e-1.1-r-20220629 with e-Recovery V1.1 to e-1.2-r-20220727206630-dev-gts4lv without any problems.

If you want to replace the recovery you can select it
In the -->settings -->system updates -->preferences

I set this replace/update recovery, but it seem my one is already initially to new. That is why update doesn’t work at all. I was on LOS for microG before and was not aware /e/ is a version behind. :wink:

So downgrade recovery to “LOS recovery 18” helps?
Sometimes I read about TWRP but I think that cannot mount / decode data partition. Or do I mix up things?

Do you have special requirements? Why would you not use the matching /e/ Recovery?

However you might have to go gently on account of, quoting

Caution: Do not install /e/OS on top of a higher version of stock OS. Before installing /e/OS ensure your device has the latest stock OS of the same version as /e/OS. If only lower versions of the stock are available then install the last available lower version before installing /e/OS.


… you might consider returning to “LOS for microG” 19 then consider compare Android 12 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (Wi-Fi) Model SM-P610 - #6 by petefoth while you wait for the /e/ build which would avoid a downgrade.

No special requirement. I just read:
" Custom recovery (not required if you already have it running on your phone)" - and I had one running, that from LOS19.

I am not sure what has been latest Stock on this, but LOS 19.1 was running fine already - I just want to test /e/. I haven’t been aware that is one generation behind…

So either I downgrade custom recovery (why there is offered e-recovery in build and twrp is linked for the recovery ?) or wait until /e/ gets Android 12.

In my experience, the best prerequisites for a very good functioning of /e/OS are when Stock Android 11 is installed in combination with /e/OS R-11 on the SM-T720 (Wi-Fi) and SM-T725 (LTE).

I also first performed a firmware downgrade from Samsung Stock Android 12-S to 11-R during my installation described above. I assume that this extra effort was a worthwhile time investment. And the e-Recovery ‘R’ V1.x manages the OTA updates completely in the background and flawlessly.

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Want to update the recovery now to e-recovery. So I do “fastboot devices -l”, found my device and go via fastboot in download mode. Next would be fastboot flash recovery …", but nothing. In download mode the device is not there. So “fastboot devices -l” doesn’t list it… WTF? Why fastboot doesn’t work anymore? How else to update recovery?

Fastboot never did work with Samsung.

We have to use Heimdall or Odin.

To offer an early warning (I don’t want to try to respond to “my Tab won’t boot at all now”) you do seem to be proposing to downdate your Recovery. This would seem to fly in the face of the “Caution” in Post #6.

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Sorry my English might not be good enough to understand. What shall I do (or don’t do)? I just want to get OTA updates working. That doesn’t seem to work as I am using a recovery that is both : newer than required and matching to LOS.
I have /e/ 1.1 on my Tab and think about flashing the matching e recovery 1.1 - isn’t that ok?
I mean /e/ is running already … should I start from scratch with Stock?

heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img ?

I think you have to decide which way to go!

  • Stick with higher OS version of Lineage (which I assume was working, I don’t know)
  • Downgrade OS version with stock ROM as Post #8 by @Gianna.
  • Experimental route – I added my warning as I am cautious and I would avoid further mix of OS versions unless I could handle the consequences of failure!
  • “I mean /e/ is running already” – do nothing!

Thanks for the hint that fastboot isn’t working in download mode. I could manage it to tar the image and use ODIN. For some reason my Linux PC’s USB seems to be incompatible with heimdall. :frowning: :frowning:
After flashing the e-recovery I was able to OTA update /e/ 1.1 to 1.2.

I won’t ignore your warnings, but all other mentioned options are need a complete reinstall. If I ever has to do that, I’ll keep this in mind.