/e/OS' user interface is evolving with a new, streamlined, visual identity

Let’s face it, the “new, streamlined, visual identity” is just a copy of iOS, but mixed with android so it is just awful. I don’t know why they would do that, yes at some point system apps will have a common theme, but it will be so different from all other Android apps which follow Android design guidelines. We will end up with a Huawei like UI, which is ugly and stands out from the rest of the app ecosystem.

Their goal is to make a system easy to use for non tech people, so they chose to remake iOS. But I don’t see when did iOS become easier to use than Android, it is very subjective.

I just hope they never touch system settings and clock as these are the only default apps I use.

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Totally agree. They are wasting developer resources which are need for removing bugs.

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I do not have a strong opinion about the interface itself … But, just to share a couple of thoughts:

  • I agree with those who suggest that if the interface does not suit somebody, they can try another launcher.
  • Nevertheless, if the team has judged that an appealing interface would make it possible to have a viable and sustainable project thanks to a larger adoption, that is understandable and perfectly fine by me (as I value what is behind the interface, and, since that part was provided free of charge, I respect the choices of the team). And, as I am not up to the task of developing anything of a mobile OS or designing an interface, I prefer to leave them to the team, and supporting them in order to have their vision come true.

Totally disagree, yes it looks like iOS for a reason, it’s the better UI. Apple spent loads of money to find the best user experience, why not use it.


This is completely subjective. I do not find apple UI better, each has their own opinion. The problem is, you either go full apple and use their ui for everything, or not. In iOS, most apps have a native look and feel, this is what makes the platform so appealing. Here, only system apps will use this kind of ui, and the others will use Android design. It create a gap and every app you will install will feel out of place. This is the main reason I dislike this choice.


I think this is an interesting article given the topic here:


Well, if it doesn’t have more satisfactory hobbies :slight_smile: .

Agreed, they could use a nicer stock launcher. There are plenty of open source launchers that support not having an app drawer. As long as the square icons were applied, it would match the look.