/e/OS v0.19 is coming!

This week we plan to release v0.19 of /e/OS which will come with updates in the following areas

User Interface Updates

  • Dark Mode Implementation
    • We plan to provide a consistent user experience across applications
    • Please note the dark mode implementation development is still pending in Mail, Settings and Browser applications

We share some screenshots of the light and dark implementation of the same applications.

Music app

Recorder app

Security Updates

  • An issue was detected in the App Store. Specifically it prevents circumventing the APK signature check for system apps and mitigates some possible attack vectors for open source apps. The fix has been added to v0.19
    • We would like to thank Nervuri who reported the problem and was also available to discuss and review the solution we proposed

Software Updates

  • Support for Amaysim Carrier of Australia has been added by default
  • Latest Secuirty patches have been added
  • Find out what comes as part of the September Security patch
  • Latest Lineage OS source code updates

Bug Fixes

ETA for 0.19

Thursday 28 Oct , 2021

We expect to release it for all devices. In case certain device builds fail we shall inform of the same.

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For all android versions?

If the build is not possible for certain devices we will mention that in the weekly updates.


Hello, I’d like to ask if the very desired fm radio app for the GS290 comes with one of the next updates? Tnx

Unfortunately no. As a mediatek device there are no FOSS FM Radio apps to the best of our knowledge.

Shame to Gigaset, it is not rocket science and they have neither invented the wheel!

This is not because of Gigaset, it is because /e/ only uses FOSS software and there is no FOSS radio app for the Mediatek chip.
You can contact Gigaset if they want to develop a FOSS radio app.

Gigaset and the /e/ project are both aware of the economic and ecological impacts of how we consume electronics…

“We are delighted that /e/ is relying on our hardware,” says Andreas Merker VP Smartphones at Gigaset. “The fact that /e/ relies on Gigaset hardware for its very secure and customer-focused approach is a proof of the quality of our products and their flexible use in the context of third-party solutions.”

I assume Gigaset paid (inhouse/extern) for the radio app they are distributing and they are earning money with every sold GS290 regardless which operating system is running on it.

If they are so aware & woke as they say why didn’t they do a better job supporting FOSS in this very case? I should write an app to increase their product value and support their claims? Perhaps if they pay me ;- )


Do we have an ETA, just checked and not there?

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It’s in the op of this thread. eta = today!


Enchilada has not been updated

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ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival, you quoted EDA, if such an accepted abbreviation exists.

Nothing on my end yet:

Edit 1: Still nothing 21:26 CEST

Edit 2: I’m having it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Edit 3: The update installed just fine on dreamlte and everything seems to be working well.

Thank you so much /e/OS team for all your hard work!


Still 3 days untill the end of the week

I’m dowloading v0.19 atm on Moto X Play (lux)

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19 has arrived! Thanks to the eOS Team!!


Just got the update, I hope everything will be ok :slight_smile:

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I’m currently installing it on my Fairphone 3+ … in case you never hear from me anymore, you know why … :wink:


Patience and confidence are important virtues :slight_smile:

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