/e/OS versions differences

I’m sure this question is answered somewhere very obvious, in the documentation, but I can’t seem to find it:

What is the difference between different /e/ OS versions: R, Q, Pie, etc.?
Are they based on different versions of Android?

Also, I notice some phone models are supported for the R (or Q) version but Dev only, not Stable. How is that possible? I would have expected the stable version(s) to have more, not less models supported…

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Android versions are; Android 7, Nougat, n | Android 8, Oreo, o | Android 9, Pie, p | Android 10, q | Android 11, r | Android, 12 s.

Regarding dev vs stable, please see Different Build Types.

I guess as /e/ is very much a project in development, stable versions are fewer.

The advancement of Android versions across multiple devices might not look linear – once a certain /e/ Android version is built, one is not going to go back and build it for an old version!


Thanks for the answers, aibd.

How can I tell if I’m running dev or stable on my phone? (the reported /e/OS installed version does not have the “stable” or “dev” suffix as the installation packages have, in their names)?

Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ OS version (can be long-tapped and copied to clipboard since Android 10) … has the version string with every info in it, same as on the download pages.

Thanks AnotherElk! I have found it - I’m running the dev flavour.