/e/ 'Q' OS build and recovery available for using testing!

The first set of ‘Q’ OS builds of /e/OS are available for testing. The custom recovery for /e/ is also being shared for user testing.

/e/ OS ‘Q’ test builds

/e/OS recovery builds

Please note these are test build and are not stable.
Do not flash them on your daily driver phones.

Please download ,install and share your feedback on the same threads .
Based on user feedback we will be adding the devices /builds to the officially supported list.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Are all goolag calls removed ? On yesterdays sources, they where still available.

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@harvey186 can you make this kind of inspection of the source structural? can you program it and repeat it on new branches of source code?

In yesterdays sources, the goolag calls still available

I had raised the issue in Gitlab and it should be resolved in a day or two and the source updated.


@harvey186 thanks, but could you try to answer my question?

Not sure what you are meaning :frowning:

Could you please use a extra post, because here everthing must be approved

I have moved it out of Announcement so now all posts will show up without approval.

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