eRecovery Testing!

Tired of finding and downloading TWRP images specific to your device ??

:loudspeaker: We are releasing a custom recovery built to work on all /e/ Supported devices !!

We have tested it on a couple of devices on our side but need to test it on more devices.

Which is where we need your help with further testing :pray:

Stay tuned to this thread for details as from where you can download this ‘eRecovery’ image.

For now we are using the name eRecovery …

/e/ OS Recovery list and download locations :

Vendor Model Codename DownloadLocation
Motorola Moto G7 river Download
Motorola Moto G7 Plus lake Download
OnePlus ‘7 Pro’ guacamole Download
OnePlus OnePlus 7 guacamoleb Download
Sony Xperia Z3 z3 Download
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact z3c Download
Xiaomi ‘Mi MIX 2’ chiron Download
Xiaomi Poco F1 beryllium [Download]
Essential PH-1 mata Download
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 crownlte Download
OnePlus 6 enchilada Download
OnePlus 6T fajita Download
Fairphone FP2 FP2 Download
Asus Zenfone 6 (ZS630KL) I01WD Download
OnePlus OnePlus3 OnePlue3 Download
OnePlus OnePlus2 OnePlus2 Download

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‘Unofficial’ supported devices (already running /e/) can test too ?

Thanks for your (all dev’) efforts.

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It should work on all /e/ builds …technically :slight_smile: if it does not let us know with logs

If eRecovery has the same good functionality as TWRP Recovery, then it would be a nice tool for brand loyalty to /e/.

LineageOS has in the ‘Developer options’ a option “Update recovery - Update the built-in recovery with system updates”. A good feature that is worth imitating …

Lineage Recovery does only what its name says. Not much more. The TWRP Recovery, which has proven itself in practice, is not only visually successful but also very good in terms of functionality.

An eRecovery for all devices - this is basically a good idea.


Sounds also helpful for the easy installer :wink:
Will definitely test this :slight_smile:

It’s a nice idea and I will test it, but …
why a e-recovery now ??
Not is really finished,

  • eOS itself still in beta and ‘old’ android version
  • apps store not working most time
  • easy installer not ready
    and now the next thing.

All the time new things, I think the resources are better invest in a final eOS in actual version. That’s what all waiting for.


The old versions are being updated , Apps store has issues and developers are looking into it, Easy installer is open to the community and from the post here devices are being added
All these small changes go into the final eOS .
What is the point if we go with a final version with a lineage recovery still attached to it…


From what I understood, also Windows support of the easy installer is quite advanced :slight_smile:
Lots of people requested that IIRC.

And my personal impression: when the installer was initially released there were a couple of obstacles that made it not-so-straightforward to add new devices.
Now that almost a handful are added beyond the initial Samsung models (ok, partly work in progress), the ultimate goal seems to be rather near: adding new devices just means adding config files and testing that it works.

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Yes, ‘undersatble’ but security patchs (from gg) come via LOS via AOSP… Independence is a long, long way. TWRP works fine and isn’t a ‘every day use’ tool, for common e.users.

Perhaps not a hurry…


How is TWRP and Android 10 coming along? As far as I know TWRP doesn’t support my pixel3a qith Android 10 and I believe that’s the case for other pixel devices as well.

We should be releasing the first batch of alpha builds for /e/Q with eRecovery this week.

The first set of /e/OS recovery builds are available for download and testing …Pl check the table above
Should work on Q, Pie and Oreo ROM’s .
Please share your feedback on this thread.

hee Manoj, question: if this eRecovery is meant to be better than TWRP in that it works for all devices, why are there separate downloads for each device…?


Recovery installed fine on oneplus3T. Haven’t tested other than booting into it, navigating around it a bit and rebooting system.

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That’s a good question. I have ask myself to.

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This is a misunderstanding, I think.

It doesn’t mean the same file can be used for every device. It means /e/ plan to build the eRecovery for each device supported by /e/.

As I understand it, this is supposed to be better than TWRP in that it will be readily and officially available for each device supported by /e/, and /e/ would be able to control what’s in it and maintain it, which they can’t do with TWRP, as TWRP is its own project with its own list of supported devices.


eRecovery is working on a FP2 (at least booting into it and navigating around + rebooting system from there).


There are device specific files required to build each of these recoveries. A One-recovery-fits-all would be a great next step though. Will check with the team if that is possible and update.
Also @AnotherElk’s response explains it well and also covers the reason why we created the recovery in the first place …as it gives us more grass root level control over how the /e/ ROM gets flashed on a device.


ah OK so there is a technical reason also to do this, not only a user ease argument. That’s good to know.

Hi @Manoj, is there yet any documentation ?
( what are the features, how the interface looks like and how it is arranged with menus ?)


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