/e/ R for devices not offically supported by LOS

/e/ are currently making and testing Android R builds for devices that are officially supported by LOS, presumably basing their work on tha changes LOS have made to upgrade for Q to R.

What is the plan for devices which are officially supported by /e/ but not officially supported by LOS?

For example, I maintain the official /e/ ROM for Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact, which is currently based on an unofficial LOS 17.1 ROM. The maker of that ROM now has an unofficial LOS 18 build, which seems to be working well. What do I need to do to move the /e/ ROM from Q to R?

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If you can build and test the device on /e/R then let me know. We can add it to the release list.
As I had mentioned in the release plan that for devices which have maintainers we request the maintainers to let us know when they would be ready to release it on /e/ R.

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I asked in the ROM Maintainers TG channel what tag or branch to use for building, and I was told v1-r, but that tag does not exist, and I don’t know where to find a branch with that name.

[Edit] I’ve since been told use v1-r in the build script, which should pick up the correct source