/e/ Samsung Galaxy S8 - Trouble on Bluetooth


I bought to /e/ a Samsung Galaxy S8. But i have problems with Bluetooth connection with all my Bluetooth devices (Computer on Ubuntu, earphones, other phones…).
For the example, i connect my S8 phone with my computer (on Ubuntu) using Bluetooth. No pb with pairing but if i wait 20-30 second, i lost the connection between the 2 devices.
If i try to transfer a file by bluetooth, it works for the first 10 seconds and then i lose bluetooth connection of my S8.
It’s not a problem from my devices (earphones, computer, other phones…) because i tested them and they work.

It’s really the /e/ Samsung 8. To sum up, the quality of the bluetooth connection is poor, i can pair with other devices only for 10-20 seconds.

Does anyone have the same pb? Any Solution or advices?

Thanks a lot for your help

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Hello @Clem182,
does this mean that you have purchased a premium refurbished deGoogled /e/ phone with “stable” firmware instead of “dev” (pie)?

In intensive testing I have found that the Bluetooth connection between my S8 " dreamlte" and S8+ dream2lte with stockROM Android 9.0 as well as other phones with stockROM Android 8.x and 6.x works lightning fast.

A connection between e-0.8-p-2020-dreamlte and e-0.8-p-2020-dream2lte takes an eternity or does not work. I cannot offer solutions or advice at the moment.

Hi archje and thx for your answer.

Yes it’s a premium refurbished /e/ phone bought in April.

Is there any advice or solution now? I habe exactly the same Problem. On my premium refurbished galaxy s8 does bluetooth not function. It is Always lagging and if distance is more then 10cm, it looses connection.

Greetings Simon

Pl can this issue be reported on the Gitlab. That would get the developers working on it.

I have mostly the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S7.
I am still waiting/hoping for reply from the support or the forum. But it seems, there is only limited support here. I see you are asked by the support to post the issue on GitLab and hope someone programes something.

On my S8 SM-G950F - eOS 0.16 pie - BT is working properly at least within about 2-3 mt.

Hello Nottolino,

I have the Samsung S7 G930F, the OS is from E- Foundation, Guava (7) /e/OS0.16-20210422111921. I did a factory reset and still the bluetooth does not work properly. It is unstable.