/e/ search not working

Hello !

I’m a new user, first post on the forum :slight_smile:
Whichever search I make from e spot or from the search bars (browser or launcher one) I get the screen you can see attached as a result.
I couldn’t find anything related to this on the forum and don’t know if it’s a known issue or just me doing something wrong.
I’m using a LeEco x520 with Android 7.1.2

could you please check the 3 line on upper right side and scoll down. There you will find ‘preferences’ There you have to setup the search language. After setup the search should work.
And don’t forget to scroll down and save your changes :wink:

by the way:
I hope you have setup the most spying app ever (whatsapp) like here described [HOWTO] Using WhatsApp under shelter :wink:

And when your search will work, could you pls change/add to the headline of your first post [SOLVED] ?

Hello Harvey, thanks for your help.

I’ve changed those settings: when leaving only English as a language the search will work, but if Italian is set instead it won’t work and the result keeps being the one of the screenshot attached above. Where can I report this ?

Regarding whatsapp: yeah, thanks for your suggestion, I’m pretty ashamed for posting here a screenshot showing that logo actually ! But I’m using it for family chat and still don’t have alternatives unfortunately.

sorry for spying on you :sunglasses:

In family there is a good alternative: face2face chat or phone call :smiley: