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Hello, I was looking into purchasing one of the /e/ smartphones. I’m confused about the app offerings. On one hand, it says that all applications are open source bricks and I am able to see applications like Netflix, Youtube, and Spotify in the application checker. But it also has a filter for open source applications. Am I correct in assuming that the /e/ smartphones will only offer the open source filtered applications through the app store? Or will regular applications like YouTube and Spotify be offered? Thanks.

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The default App Store that comes with the /e/OS offers YouTube, Spotify and Netflix…that being said some of the apps may not work on a de-googled ROM like /e/. You can check this list of what works and what does not work.

Ah, thankyou for the quick reply, Manoj. I am surprised that this is legal. But I suppose the applications are just APK files anyways and Google Play doesn’t hold a monopoly on distributing APKs?

That’s correct.

The /e/ Apps installer basically combines two sources for Apps. It includes the F-Droid repository of Open Source Apps, and it includes non-Open Source Apps via CleanAPK.
The latter is discussed controversially because it’s not very transparent, but in the end it gives a lot of users the Apps they want, and you still have the choice to just not use those Apps, or even to just not use the /e/ Apps installer for that matter, you could just install and use F-Droid directly and pass on using non-Open Source Apps.

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