/e/ users down under

I’ve just started exploring/e/ and wondering if there are any other users in NZ or Aus?

What is your test /e/ phone?

Hey, I’m using /e/ on a Samsung galaxy S9plus, what about you?
How have set your /e/ up?

@Sean, welcome to the /e/ club. I’ve several /e/ testphones at work, e.g. S6 Edge, A5 2017, …

I have friends in Aus which I’ve put onto /e/.

@archie & @b3pio I had tried /e/ in the early days on my wife’s old galaxy note 3, but have had to wait until I could get my hands on a S9 to really give /e/ a try as daily driver. It’s been two weeks and I haven’t encountered any major glitches, I know the majority of /e/ users are European based and wondered how others like myself in Aus and NZ have found /e/ with local services and apps. I would actually like to try /e/ on my galaxy tab a tablet but will need to wait until someone builds a version. I don’t have the right computer to build versions!

Take a look at this [HOWTO].

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NZ user. /e/ installed on Moto G2 test, Moto G4 official and Nexus 9 Self build.

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Sydney user here. Using my old one plus one at the moment, but considering flashing my Samsung s9+

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Hi, have you experienced any issues with aus apps on /e/?

Not really (although it’s only been a few days)! Banking apps are missing, but I’ve requested a couple of them…

Grab them from Aurora App Store for the time being (google play store mirror, so they are original apk’s), I’ve been told they are all there. (Get Aurora from F-droid store v3.1.7 minimum for anonymous login) Or v3.1.8 from pinned msg on Aurora telegram channel HERE


Hi Sean,
Geraldton, WA.
Galaxy S5 using pie /e/ build and very happy. Go for it mate

How long have you been running /e/? Only early for me but no major issues as yet, would like to have it on my galaxy tablet too but I don’t have the computer hardware to build a version.

Oct/Nov 2019. Nougat,Oreo and Pie all work well. All builds are for klte (g900f). My device variant is g900i however work great.
I dont use banking apps so finding what I need has not been a problem.