/e/ Version 1.0 Realease

When is Version 1.0 to be released?
Has it already been released?
And when is /e/ for Xiaomi 2S releasing?
Thanks so much!


No dates on the release as yet. Release date will be announced on the Telegram channels and the forum. Features coming as part of the release are being added to each build that you receive. You can check out the changelogs for details on what comes in as part of each build.
For the Xiaomi 2S or for any other new device please add your request to the list here devices with most user request get priority.
We do not have dates on when we plan to support a new device.


Ok! Thank you Manoj!
I really appreciate it!

Hi, just wanted to see if there is any approximate date for the release of a version with an app store? I have now successfully got the beta version running on a note 3 and it is fantastic. I don’t want to do much with it until I can add an app store and get all the apps I need onto it. Any chance you could give an approximate idea of the launch date - are we talking days or months?

Great job and congratulations.

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We do not have exact ETA’s for now. The target is to get the release out by mid 2019.


Well, then I guess it is summer, right? That’s not very long!

But please tell: will it be an OTA update from 0.5, or clean installation be needed? And how radically different would it be from the current 0.5 build? (I’m not installing 0.5 right now because I think it’s gonna be something very different after upcoming grand update.)

Yea I totally agree!!! Summer is here soon.
That’s actually the reason I’m not installing either.
So eager!!!
Awesome job /e/ team!!:joy:

Wanted to clarify a point raised by a number of users on this site who are ‘not installing’ the /e/ builds and waiting for the final release.
Those of you who have been a part of the Microsoft’s Windows Insider Preview program or tested out Google’s Developer preview builds would understand this. All software company release their code in bits and pieces as part of beta and dev builds and tests out various parts. The current /e/ builds have most of the ‘parts’ that would be there in the final build. Additionally there may be the /e/ app repository but it will also need a bit of time to settle down and work perfectly. All these components will be a part of the dev builds and will go trough multiple iterations of user testing before being released. You cannot suddenly release a ‘grand’ update without testing or validation. Once all the pieces are in place we will be updating the build name and it will be v1 . Believe me it will not be radically different from what you are already getting now as part of the /e/ builds. If you are not installing it and just waiting for v1 then I would say you are missing out on the adventure of being a part of building something great.


So will v1 actually require reinstallation?
Or is it a smooth update?

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Normally no. The release just before the V1 won’t be a lot different compare to the V1. Only the name will be updated once we are sure everything work and can be called “V1”.

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Perfect! Thanks @Anonyme

What are the difference between Alpha, Beta and Stable version. When do you call some version alpha, beta and Final.