/e/ VPN : Would you be interested ? We want your feedback

We are planning on starting an /e/ VPN service.

Before we start the same we want to understand from our users if they would be interested.

Would You like an /e/ VPN Service
  • Yes, if it’s free
  • Yes with premium features
  • No, that’s not for me

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This poll will close on Saturday 08 May 2021 …so cast your votes now !!!

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I noticed when I turn on VPN (proton vpn) the browser and apps on my phone use the vpn, but if I run a hotspot off the phone any device connected to hotspot is not over vpn, and uses the normal mobile network. If /e/ could make a vpn that also works for devices connected via hotspot that would be great.

Maybe this is already easy to do with vpn apps, I dont know.


Hi @Manoj,

Thank you for this proposal.
I guess that, after the 8th May, if there are enough interest in a VPN with premium features, there will be another poll to know what features the VPN should have, won’t there?

Thank you

Yes indeed, Based on the number of votes we will come out with a new survey to get a list of options users would want to see on the VPN.

Hi. Could you try to switch, in config - network - tethering - “allow clients to use VPN” to disable. Im not sure, but once I try it and it seem to work in an inverse way.


@aleam Brilliant. Thank you! VPN for my hotspot devices :grin:

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it’s a natural addon, similar to DNS based filtering. So I think /e/ should offer both? By way of partnerships the way Mozilla does /e/ could avoid the operational side, have “some” revenue and control but concentrate on the /e/-OS integration.

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I would be worried about spreading yourselves too thin. There are many quality VPN providers out there that can fill this need quite well, so I strongly recommend leaving it to them and focusing on the core product.


@jdoc I see your point of view but, a premium VPN that people pay for, could fund other needed areas.

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perfect, thank you @Manoj

I think you should only make a VPN if you were going to integrate Tracker Control or something similar.

I have very high requirements for the VPNs I’ve used (having been behind China’s Great Firewall), and also want to avoid putting all my eggs in one basket.


If /e/ were to offer VPN, I would consider it, yes.

The same as I am considering Mozilla’s VPN offering, once they make it available in my country.

If the VPN service is good, I would prefer one that supports a org making some other software I use.

Mozilla runs its VPN on servers powered by Mullvad VPN. Perhaps you might want to check out Mullvad.

I chose not-for-me as I’ve got a VPN for when I’m on public networks etc and one by /e/ wouldn’t be that beneficial to my own use.

However, I can see it being useful to those who’re maybe curious about VPNs or who want something to just work.

May also provide a supplementary income for /e/.

Die 6. 05. 21 et hora 15:18 scripsisti:

Mozilla runs its VPN on servers powered by Mullvad VPN. Perhaps you might
want to check out Mullvad.

I know. But honestly, I’m not in any dire need of VPN.

For me, it’s ½ having a VPN can be useful and ½ I want to financially support
an org. I care for through that a bit as well.


I really appreciate /e/ Team’s effort for delivering a great OS but I completely agree with @hkmike.
I already use a VPN (Proton VPN) I decided to pay for because looks good, has servers close to me and works very well, I just want to get a way of using it at the same time as Tracker Control.
And he is also right avoiding to put all eggs in one basket.

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Hi Mike… I also use proton vpn and you CAN in settings tell it to use VPN for hotspot…


Thank you for the proposal.
Personally, I think that is more important to include Ads & Trackers blocker first or to include it as premium feature of the /e/VPN.

I use blokada since a years. and recently they included a vpn to use both Ads&Trackers blocker and VPN on one VPN channel.

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I already use ProtonVPN, but maybe a collaboration with /e/ foundation would be nice? :wink:

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