Week 18 : 2021: Development and Testing Updates

  • Last week we published the RoadMap for 2021.
    The work on most of these tasks in ongoing . Let me share some highlights

  • One important point is this list is just a summary of the activities planned. There are multiple other tasks which have not been mentioned to keep this post short. We will keep updating the progress on them.

  • OpenCamera - One of the compromises users of /e/ OS have to make is giving up on the multiple features available in their device cameras. We hope to address this issue soon. We have support from a developer who is now working to help with the fixes. Work is in progress here.

  • GSI - Hope to test it this week. Documentation is almost ready. Have to link it with the build images.
    Developer tested. Documentation is complete.
    GSI images have been Released, Check the documentation with download links here

  • VoLTE - team is working to enable this on all devices.

  • OTA OS upgrade - Expect to start testing today on a S9 /S9 dev as well as stable versions
    OS upgrade tested via sideload and worked perfectly. Once the OTA server is ready we will test the actual OTA OS upgrade as well. The sideload part is an option the user has.

    Be prepared to download a larger than normal ROM as this build includes not only the /e/OS but the Q firmware as well :slight_smile:

/e/ VPN
We plan to start an /e/ VPN. As part of the process to check if users would be interested in such an initiative we have started a poll. Select the option of your choice. Based on the response if we see a positive response we will start another poll with the options users would like to see in the VPN.
Pl note the poll ends on Saturday 8 May 2021

Will update these tasks in the days to come

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Greta to hear about Open Camera


Hi Manoj,
when you say testing the OTA upgrade you mean you and your team or will it be released for all devs on galaxy s9 this week?

First it will be tested internally. Then we will release for all users and start adding more devices.


Just received and successfully updated to 0.16-p-20210425112188-dev-FP3 (Android 9).