Easy access to release notes

I’ve only been using /e/ (on a Samsung Galaxy S4) for a couple of months, but I have appreciated how often updates have been released during this time. I know that security vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered, so it is reassuring to have frequent updates. Great work, /e/ team!

On the down side, so far I have not been able to find any release notes for the updates. I install all the updates, but never know whether an update is being made to address security concerns, to provide feature upgrades, or what. I would like easy access to release notes after (or preferably, before) an update is installed. Am I missing something?


Hi @dkoneill you can access the change logs if you go to the page specific to the build on the wiki fpr e.g. for the S4 ‘jfltexx’ you will find it here
or on the device you get it by going to Settings >> System >> Updater >> three dots menu >> Show Changelog
Yes the changelogs are not detailed. They only mention what went into a build from the Lineage and the /e/ side from a developers perspective.
We will work on adding some detailed release notes in non developer language as part of the builds.

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Thanks very much, Manoj. I know it is an extra burden to document releases in non-developer language, but I think it will help increase uptake of the OS in the long run – particularly for the user group that /e/ is targeting.



It seems that “Show Changelog” displays the changelog of the installed build. It would be great to have a “Show changelog” button under the “Download” one for each available update. In order to check changes before installing a new build.

Pl raise this as a feature request on Gitlab…that way we can plan and track the changes.