Easy Installer does not work on Windows 10

I am testing Easy Installer with a Samsung S8.

On Ubuntu: everything OK!

On Windows 10: the smartphone is recognized the files are copied to the device but after restarting theAndroid Blue Screen of Death appears instead of Teamwin

I checked the Easy Installer SHA checksum and have retried several times …

How can I try to solve?


There may be a driver issue with Win.
I wonder whether you go for this instead installing with Ubuntu if you already know and have it.
Linux seems comparably an OPERATING system.

Thanks @mungo! I would like to make a video where I show the installation on both operating systems

Do you see anything relevant in the log which can be found like this Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer

Sorry for the delay in answering but in recent weeks I didn’t have a phone to do the tests.

After reading other posts, I have tried several times but I always have the same problem.

These are the logs: https://www.traff.co/en/services/text-host?id=4006

Can anyone figure out where the problem is happening?


I think the Windows version of Easy-Installer (on Linux everything is ok) has trouble downloading TWRP on the smartphone.

It could be a driver problem, but can it happen with a Samsung S8 ??

Easy Installer is expected to be “all inclusive”. So providing Easy Installer installed on Windows without error, you have no other drivers to be looking for. It sounds like you already tried uninstalling Easy Installer and do it again, looking carefully for any reported error.

But your log shows the first introductions go ok:

List of devices attached

ce0718273008ec3b04     device product:dreamltexx model:SM_G950F device:dreamlte transport_id:3

2022-03-20 15:52:25,271 DEBUG [Thread-4] e.e.i.t.DeviceDetectionTask [null:-1] checkAdbDevicesResult(ce0718273008ec3b04     device product:dreamltexx model:SM_G950F device:dreamlte transport_id:3)
2022-03-20 15:52:25,271 INFO [Thread-4] e.e.i.t.DeviceDetectionTask [null:-1]   Device has been found

Then some downloads happen to your PC. ok …

As far as I read it, the first time Heimdall is deployed:

(debug)C:\Program Files\easy-installer>"C:\Program Files\easy-installer\bin\heimdall" detect  1>nul 
2022-03-20 15:52:38,069 DEBUG [Thread-9] e.e.i.m.Command [null:-1] 

(debug)ERROR: Failed to detect compatible download-mode device.

and that error is repeated 46 times.

So we saw adb connected, Heimdall failed. You should try a different cable (this is often the problem when users have checked everything else). Be aware not to use USB hubs and secondary USB ports on a PC can be problematic.

Ok I’ll try, but: the USB cable is from another S8 that I bought from esolutions.shop with /e/OS pre-installed, so it should be ok; and also the USB port should be ok: the same things I do on Windows I do on Linux, that works.

Thanks a lot for your help, aibd!