Easy installer downloaded big zip archive, how to delete it now?

I am in trouble having tried the Easy Installer on a Fairphone 3 once installed there are plenty of flaws (no internet connection to begin with).
I suspect that’s the system archive downloaded by the EI that must be flawed, as one of my sons has exactly the same Fairphone model with the same /e/OS version on it, and there it works.
But unfortunately, I’m on Linux (Debian) so I used the Snap thing.
So this snap EI did download the archive somewhere and doesn’t show me where it is, and each time I relaunch it it just considers everything is ready and doesn’t redownload.
→ where is this archive and how can I delete it to get the EI restart?
I don’t have a powerful Linux config, and the enormous volume associated to snap is already a constraint…

[edit] I found it, in /home/[you]/snap/easy-installer/common/sources/FP3/
Deleted and restarting the Gb download…