Easy installer fails with Samsung S8 - Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed

Hi guys,

I bought two S8s with the hopes of flashing them (as you unfortunately don’t deliver to Australia).

The Easy Installer (v.0.10.1-beta Ubuntu Snap) gets to the ‘Installation’ screen and stops with 'The installation encouter an error".

I hit ‘send to support’ but couldn’t see the log.

However the Samsung installation screen on the phone logs the following last line, in red:
‘Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed (RECOVERY)’

Can you help with suggestions what to do?

Hi @eelo-in-Oz thanks for sharing the error details… also can you confirm that the installer is trying to access the default build for the S8 and that you are running it exactly as the screens mention.
You can access the logs on windows PCs here

Thank you for your response. I’m on Ubuntu 20.04 but I believe I found the log. It is uploaded here

Hopefully it will show whether the installer accessed the standard build for the S8 (not sure where else to check).

Confirmed that I did everything exactly as shown on the installer screen, subject to:

  • ‘Android debugging’ wasn’t available on the phone so I tapped on ‘Enable USB debugging’

  • Before being able to select ‘OEM Unlock’, I had to make the option appear by manually setting the date to more than 7 days ago, deactivate some auto updates and restart the phone, as per this tutorial, and then restart Easy Installer and begin again

That time I got as for as the error message.

Thanks for the details …let me check with the developer and get back

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Hi @eelo-in-Oz pl can you raise a bug with all details here. The developer will have a look and get back to you in case more info is required.

Hi @Manoj,
There is a similar post/topic about a s7