Easy installer on S7 -> stuck on downloading screen

I’m trying to install /e/ on a Samsung S7 but process gets stuck on Downloading screen each time. Currently it has been on this screen for over 20 minutes.

Thanks for help.

Hi @lordphoenix

I see 2 possible causes :

  1. Take a working USB cable

  2. It is probably waiting for You to reboot the phone in “recovery mode” using the button combination.

Actually the Downloading screen never changes at this point.

@lordphoenix let us know the outcome. I’m interested in your experience, as I’m about to do the same.

I finally succeeded by insisting a little, apparently the problem was due to the cables and USB connections not being ideal.

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Obviously, in normal use it’s not a problem, probably because it’s handled by the software, but in this case it was more of a problem than usual.