Easy Installer Pixel 4a 5G is not working because of Android 13

I have the same problem as described here: Easy Installer auf Pixel 4a 5G hängt fest
I started the Easy Installer before I downgraded on Android 11 as I didn’t know this.
Now I am in The Fastboot Mode and neither the recovery nor the rescue mode work.
How can I downgrade now to Android 11 to finish the installation of e OS?
I use Ubuntu.

Hi @doerte welcome to the /e/ forum.

Are you able to make any progress with the tools mentioned in this post?

I tried the Android Flash Tool and the Google Pixel - Update and Software Repair. But as I am stuck in the fast boot menu it is not working. The Update and Software Repair says I need to go to the rescue menu, but as this is not working (I only get a white screen with google and then it starts again, same in the recovery menu) it doesn’t work. It detects my phone when it is in fast boot, but can’t procede, because it has to be in rescue mode.

Okay I managed somehow to install calyxOS with a friend’s help, so I don’t need any more help.

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