Echo after new install - possible fix or should I buy another phone?

I am new to the e community. This is a great privacy and open phone platform! I want to soon get rid of my iphone, keep using /e/ and build some more for family.

I am looking for advice on a problem which seems to have been reported to Gitlab some time ago.

I recently ran Easy Installer on a Galaxy S7 Edge. The person I call hears a loud echo of their own voice when I am using speakerphone. I have tried the e-dialer with SIP, Zoiper, and Linphone. All apps have echo on speakerphone.

There is an open issue on S7 but it is a year old with no recent activity.

There is another similar issue open on other model phones.

How long might I expect for this issue to be addressed? If I buy a Galaxy S9 and install /e/ is there a high probability of the same bug showing up?


(hero2lte, SM-G935FD)
system version 0.17-20210531117699

Maybe give it till realesed?:point_down:

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I’ll wait and give it another try. Thanks!

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I wouldn’t be too hopeful. Echo on voip is a long standing problem regardless of whether speakerphone or bluetooth devices are used. It’s not specific to /e/ nor to any particular phone but exists in many custom ROMs. I understand it has something to do with OEM noise cancellation.

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I am setting up all our phones for VOIP so this could put things on hold for me. Are there any OEM phones that do not experience the echo problem with voip?

I don’t know,. All of my experience is with Samsung phones which, as far as voip on Lineage OS based ROMs is concerned, I do not recommend.

As an alternative it’s possible to use XMPP for ‘data’ calls. There can be an echo there as well, but messenger apps such as Conversations and Signal have their own echo cancellation which can remedy the problem in many cases.

Again, my experience on Samsungs with SIP, Signal & Conversations (and forks) is that it’s usually the case that the person on the other end of the call hears an intolerable echo of their own voice. This happens with any Lineage OS based ROM. Using the Samsung stock ROM cures the problem.

Thanks, very interesting. From my experience with Motorola phones, the Moto E2 is the same (can’t get rid of echo), but I can recommend the Moto G4 Play, model XT1602 (dual SIM), which works without echo when using Conversations or Signal. Note that other XT160x work too but suffer from a battery drain problem.

However, the G4 Play is not echo-free by itself, but needs cancellation from the XMPP app, so it still might not work for other VoIP/VoLTE. Why is it so difficult for custom roms to eliminate the echo like the stock one?

I have this same issue of echo on a Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F) with this package /e/OS 1.6-20221129238948.
The person I call or who calls me hears a loud echo of their own voice when I am using speakerphone, whether it’s mobile connection or VOIP (such as Signal or Whatsapp).

It’s quite disturbing for the people. Is there any chance that this bug could be fixed soon ?

I doubt it. I went for a non-Samsung phone in the end. Nobody has complained about echo since.

some people (including me) are also having echo problems on Samsung S7 here : Phone calls causing echo

and here : Feedback for v1.5 - #131 by obacht

I hope we could find another solution than changing phone ! anyone have an idea ?

It’s a long standing problem, particularly with Samsungs. Anyone wishing to install an alternative ROM is well advised to avoid Samsung phones. The Oneplus Nord 5g has been fine with /e/ OS so far but I imagine there are others that work well.

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not so long, this problem was not present in 1.4 version but appear with the 1.5
I don’t know if it is possible to rollback to an older version… that would solve the problem if there is no other solution