eCloud doesn't sync

Hey dear Community,

you have helped me already a number of times, so I hope that you might be able to do it again.

/e 0.19 on Redmi Note 8T, runs more or less ok.

Account with eCloud is set up, but no sync.

  1. Importing directly from Google didn’t work
  2. importing contacts and calendar from G worked manually, but only after trying several times.
  3. phone is set to sync with eCloud: pics, contacts, calendar etc.
  4. when I manually force sync, I have 12 contacts out of the 100 or so that are in the cloud.
  5. no other sync whatsoever.



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in the Contacts App you can choose your preferred contacts account (Sandwich Menu upper left -> Accounts). Is it set to the account that has the 100 entries? Can you confirm the /e/account has the 100 entries? there is a compatability issue with vcf 2 vs 3 when importing vcf files.

I think you didn’t stumble on this yet - /e/ also has a beta ongoing that allows for direct import from Google, it’s at

Yes, it is set to show all contacts, which are now on the phone.
If I choose /eCloud, it just shows 12, even after forcing sync in the settings.

None of my pics are uploaded to the cloud.

Hi @Goldtop_57

Please can you tell if you believe

  1. your eCloud is true.
  2. Your device is true.

In the case of a mismatch ecloud may feel it has a valid reason to ‘not sync’!
You have not confirmed if you resolved the .vcf compatbility issue on this thread!

If 1.

As a troubleshooting step only, may I propose.

Create a ‘second user’ Silvertop
Settings > System > Advanced > Multiple users.
Set his sync to minimum. Add no data. Have Silvertop check in to your ecloud.
Decide whether calendar or contacts are likely to be more reliable.
If you are happy, open up silvertop’s sync settings to only one of the above.

I presume your photos might have been added to the device by MyExplorer; in which case you already have a backup of them?

At any time the Sivertop account can be deleted.

In the cloud, there are 100 entries under contacts.
on the phone just 12.
I didn’t have compatibility issues when importing .vcf manually from google, and when ex- and later importing them within the phone.

I don’t understand what you mean with true? I can log in to my eCloud and edit the contacts there.

I set up my phone following the instructions here on the site for my model, so I think that my phone is fairly true, if you mean this.

I tried the beta import directly from G, but that didn’t work at all.

I do have my pics on the PC, but it’d be nice if the cloud backed up new pics I take over time.

I have created a second user and successfully restored all contacts and calendar data from eCloud. What does that mean now? eCloud has the data and sync works. But not for my main user, where calendar sync fails.

None of my pics are uploaded to the cloud.

Files should sync whenever you plug in the power cord (it’s a special event). The problem is acknowledged and the file sync is being refactored → will land in 0.21? You should use nextclouds App for the filesync until that branch is merged. Together with the Seedvault backup integration those are weak spots of /e/.

I tried the beta import directly from G, but that didn’t work at all.

if you feel like having the time, then you can report on your problems using the beta feature , in the weekly development updates in this forum → Week 49 : Development and Testing Updates

But not for my main user, where calendar sync fails.

I understand you first imported a .vcf file into the local addressbook and sync on top from ecloud? maybe get rid of the local addressbook again and only use the linked ecloud (carddav) account.

Thank you for trying that. I can see you feel it is a bit mad, but I believe you have established that your contacts would count as a ‘fail’ as far as the initial upload of those contacts to the device was concerned.

I would say that we could say that your database on ecloud is true/sound/valid, while that is not the case with the device

Others may be able to help you better -perhaps continue to use the phone as second user for a short time, while you get a second opinion.

You seem to have found that ecloud will correctly sync to an empty device. Am I correct?

I would now do a Factory Reset and start again as from what you say you have nothing to loose. Please do not do this if you do not actually agree with my logic!

… and do ask again and tell me my logic is faulty!

Good luck.

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It’s not really empty, just the account of the second user is.

I shrink from a factory reset because of all the work it took during the last some days to set up the phone so far that most works…

Thank you very much for all your thoughts, everyone here!

I thought I would just confirm that with a custom ROM a Factory reset will leave /e/ fully intact. You will loose any added apps and their ‘data’; you will clean out all system apps. Any stuff that you added to ‘internal storage’ is expected to remain. (I think you knew this already).

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