increase storage blocked

I’ve tried to click on “increase storage” several times the last week, always with the same result on the screenshot. How to continue the 64GB of storage after one year? Where to find the recent pricing and means of payment?

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Everything is working on my side.

I’m correctly redirected to

You could try to subscribe by directly going to the link above, even if the link won’t be personnalized.

Screenshot at 2020-09-14 20-35-00

I am blocked here too! What happened? I already subscribed to this product and I know it is about time to pay for another year of storage. I go here on a desktop computer, I cannot read it on a phone.

Hi Peter,
Good to hear from you after a long time even though it is about an issue :slight_smile:
I am also able to log in to the url given above. If the issue is still there on your side Please send a mail to and we can have a team member with database access look into your account.


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OK, I finallly got in. New website, new account it seems that was the problem. And allowing scripts from and in NoScript security suite before accessing the site from the link in

But I still don’t see how to continue the subscription for 64 GB of storage. Last payment was September 2019. I hope the bank account number is still the same, with the notification as before. Because, the new shop doesn’t know my subscription:
Even though entered the shop from within And there is no way to pay by bank transfer as I did before.

Hello Peter,
You mentioned a new account.
Have you tried to log in with your initial account, the one you used last year? It is different than your /e/ account. Did you try request a password reset here:

Hi @pjmbraet,
good to see you again here. Can you share your ID for which you would like to extend your subscription ?
Thanks and best regards.