Web Login and 2FA


I have a question about the web login.

Are there plans to implement two-factor authentication???

Brand new to /e/, but I thought I read somewhere that NextCloud 15 is the version in use?

If we are already able to activate this, and I missed it, my apologies. However, I followed the Docs (, but did not see the option.

Aaron von Awesome


Hi @aaron-von-awesome I have not tried this out but if you log into ecloud > click on your profile photo on the right side on the screen >> Settings>> Security >> scroll down you do get an option for two factor authentication.

It’s not really 2Fa with an 2FA app like Authy etc. It’s just backup codes. Actually there is no 2FA option

Right that is the only option available for now on ecloud.

An administrator needs to install the “Two-Factor TOTP Provider” app in Nextcloud for users to be able to use applications like Authy etc. I use it on my self hosted personal Nextcloud andnut works really well!


My apologies, I was specifically asking about 2FA with the option of using an app like andOTP or Authy as clarified by users above. I was able to enable the backup codes, without issue :slight_smile: But I was referring to the TOTP Provider ( :innocent:

So, is that type of 2FA on the roadmap for implementation?

That is a good suggestion. I will check if it is planned to be implemented and update.


Hi @aaron-von-awesome could you add this as an issue in Gitlab. It will be taken up as a Feature proposal and added to ecloud.

Done :+1: -


Anything new about this? I prefer to use 2FA and until now it isnt available or i overlooked something :frowning:

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We are testing the integration. The dev team is working on removing some errors with Account Manager when 2F is enabled. Will update once we resolve it.


Are there any news on that? I tried to use backup codes, but couldn’t make it work. Thanks!

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Yes, I’m very interested in activating this as well. I just looked now and it appears this is still not an option. Any updates on this? Thank you!

Hello !

I’m also interested in two factor authentication (especially the authentication with the notification in the nextcloud app).

Is this still planned ? Any news ?

Thanks !

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Any progress update?

Any updates? Am interested in this as well.

Perhaps this one is interesting for some people here:


for an reason I ignore
the twofactor_totp is not available in Nextcloud 20

@aaron-von-awesome your issue as being erased and/or the link is wrong

Found that the feature request is described here:

@Manoj, could be please comment what the status is here? Thx!

I have requested the dev team to comment on the current status on the thread in gitlab

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