Ecloud-selfhosting updates?

Hi !

Will /e/ team update selfhosting GitLab on a regularly basis ?

Furthermore, as some may have customized their eCloud instance, could a manual upgrade documentation be available ?

Thanks for the good work anyway :slight_smile:

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Hi Sylvain, sorry for the delay in answering.

as you may have heard, we recently (August 20th) migrated to a new hosting provider and one month earlier we had also upgraded to Nextcloud 18. This means we have new repositories for the NC part and we have separated the mail stack. Additionally, there is a load balancer in front now. We are still polishing these before publication and we know such a complex setup will probably not be useful for most self-hosters, only bigger organizations.

Our plan is to upgrade the current (single-server) selfhost repository with NC18/19 and updated images that are already tested to work in This should happen by the end of the year. We should also have a look at those mysql/postfix problems that some of you faced during set up.

This will mostly be useful for new installs though, and if you already have one I suggest you upgrade it manually. This is done by updating nextcloud to the latest minor version (16.x) and then bumping to 17.x; then when all is good do another jump to 18.x. We (and other self-hosters) have done it multiple times and it’s safe to do (backup first, of course). The only thing you’ll lose is the Onlyoffice/community server part. You must remove that from repo-base/docker-compose.yml as it’s incompatible with NC18. Then you can install the onlyoffice and community server apps from the NC store.

If you don’t feel confident enough with these vague instructions, please wait 1-2 months that we publish a step-by-step guide (added to the readme of the selfhost project) on how to upgrade from ecloud-selfhost-16 to ecloud-selfhost-18.

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Hi @arnauvp, and thank you for this detailed long answer ! :+1:

That’s right, private users won’t probably need a load-balancer !
By the way, I’m curious : is it just a simple LB, or does it come with a WAF, like f5’s ?

The NC upgrade seems quite simple, the instructions you wrote are clear enough for an experimented administrator.
As I’m not in an hurry with upgrading my NC, I propose to wait for the guide and provide feedback on it.

What about other components (postfix, rspamd, mariadb, nginx, … ) ?

Best regards, and bravo for the upgrade :clap: